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If you would like to donate to Denise, click the "My Story" link below to see instructions. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and donations. They are greatly appreciated!  

(Please note donations for Denise cannot be made through the CaringBridge website.)

Almost 2 years ago, Denise  Matteo was given the diagnosis of Stage 4 Maxillofacial Cancer and told she would have had only months to live if this cancer went undetected any longer. A slim chance of survival if she opted for the surgery that was offered as a possible option. 

This grim diagnosis and prognosis came shortly after a divorce that left her family without a home, no income, and no child support.
The surgery to remove the baseball-sized tumor resulted in the removal of her teeth, cheekbone, jawbone, lower orbital socket and sinus cavity, and also involved a neck dissection to remove 23 lymph nodes.  Her face was reconstructed from her leg’s fibular bone, muscle, tissue and vein. 

Believe it or not, this brave, strong and determined mother of two survived.  Her children
are the reason for Denise’s strength to keep fighting to win this battle.  Denise does not qualify for Medicaid.  However, the operation for teeth and implants and facial reconstruction to repair damage from a hospital incurred staph infection around her eye, will cost an additional $30,000.

Her surgeons have watched Denise’s positive approach to this series of life altering events, and have been so impressed with her recovery, her continued positive attitude, the support of her children who maintained their grades and employment throughout this ordeal of taking care of their mother, that they managed to get the remaining surgery and related costs steeply discounted.
We are trying to raise that remaining $30,000 for her. COBRA has dropped her and this is why she needs our help.

If you could contribute any amount towards Denise’s final medical expenses, Denise, her family and all of us would all be incredibly grateful.  She wants only to have herself physically put together so she can once again be a part of society and actively seek work again. She also very much wants to become an advocate for this type of cancer and eventually begin a foundation for other patients with this form of cancer.
 Thank you,
Friends of Denise Matteo

Donations can be made at all Wachovia branches in person. Click "locations" at the top of the Wachovia web page to find a branch:  https://www.wachovia.com/  

To mail a contribution, send a check to:
ATTN: Bank By Mail
MACR 3455-01K
Wachovia Bank
P.O. Box 26090
Richmond, VA 23260-6090 

Denise Matteo Trust Account #1010279531700 on the check.
You can also write a note saying who it is for.


Family/Friends of Denise Matteo Matteo posted a new journal entry.

Here is the latest to my mother's continued battle with her surgeries.  She has had 9 as of now. The most recent surgeries since her last update! The latest surgery was ... Lea más

Family/Friends of Denise Matteo Matteo posted a new journal entry.

Here is the latest to my mother's continued battle with her surgeries.  She has had 9 as of now. The most recent surgeries since her last update! The latest surgery was ... Lea más

Rebecca Smith signed Denise's Guestbook.

TO EVERYONE WHO VISITS THIS PAGE: My name is Rebecca and as I read this story about this unbelievable woman, my heart breaks into a thousand pieces. I see that there have ... Lea más

Becky Nardi signed Denise's Guestbook.

Hey Denise,It's Becky from Dr.Mallon's office. I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers and I know you will have no problem raising the money that you need. I ... Lea más

stephanie eubanks signed Denise's Guestbook.

Denise, my prayers are with you, I too had oral cancer, Dr Fernandez and Dr Vega were my surgeons.  I think the world of both of them they did me a good job.  I also ... Lea más

Peter Marini signed Denise's Guestbook.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You have done such a great job with your children they are great kids. We are so glad you are cancer free. Lea más

Michael Federici signed Denise's Guestbook.

Dear Denise,       My prayers are with you always.  You are in my thoughts always.  You are one of the bravest and strongest people I have ever known. And I have ... Lea más

Jann Rudd signed Denise's Guestbook.

Dear Denise,      It was so nice to meet you and Mark this past week.  We truly can't stop thinking about what an incredibly special person you are!  We ... Lea más

Miriam Mapp signed Denise's Guestbook.

Hi Denise,..We are so happy that you are Cancer free.Larry, and I were so glad to see you the last time we came to Florida.I cannot even imagine what you have gone thru ... Lea más

Lara Lakes signed Denise's Guestbook.

Best of luck to you Denise. It is such a blessing that you are free of cancer now. I am sure everything else will work out real soon with so many people supporting you and ... Lea más

Pat Curzio signed Denise's Guestbook.

Hello Denise, Moe and I just read the Press Journal article about your struggle.   We are sending you a check to help cover some of your needs.   We are praying for ... Lea más

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