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Thank you for visiting Declan's web page. We've created this site for two reasons: first, this is going to provide you, our friends and family, with the most up-to-date information regarding Declan's health, treatment, and progress; second, it gives you  place to post messages of love, hope, and support, which we will read to Declan.

UPDATE: Declan earned his angel wings and returned to heaven on February 27, 2012. His spirit carries on in his Mommy's and Daddy's heart and in his brothers' smiles. 

The best gift we can ever receive is a story we have never heard, or a photo we have never seen, of our sweet Declan. Please share yours in the guestbook. We read and treasure each one.


megan & bill roberts posted a new journal entry, "First Grade".

Tonight is back-to-school night for the first and second graders in our neighborhood. School hasn't started yet, and the local elementary school has decided to try ... Read more

Maureen Roberts signed Declan's Guestbook.

Declan --  Always in our minds, hearts and prayers !!   Missing you on your 2nd anniversary.   Thinking of you now and forever, until we see you - in our time.  ... Read more

karen colbert signed Declan's Guestbook.

I'm always praying for your family. Your last journal entry was heartbreaking. I hope your family brings you comfort and a little of Declan shines thru. I'm hoping to make ... Read more

Julie Ricci signed Declan's Guestbook.

(((((((((((((  )))))))))))))  sending my hugs and lots of love to all of you.  My heart aches for all of you.  You are in my thoughts ... Read more

Mandy Grady signed Declan's Guestbook.

I'm thinking about sweet Declan and what a wonderful, smart and funny first grader he would have been. Love to all of you from Colorado-we miss you. Read more

Dana Rivera signed Declan's Guestbook.

Megan! My heart breaks for you as well. it isnt fair that Declan can't get on the bus and go to school like the other kids. It isnt fair for you all to go through this. I ... Read more

Allison Saulsbury signed Declan's Guestbook.

My heart just breaks for you. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Declan.  Especially times like this.   Sending ... Read more

Judy Keepers signed Declan's Guestbook.

Declan is with God watching over you, my dear Roberts family.  You will all be together again some day.  Lots of love and ... Read more

Mary Ann Cardillo signed Declan's Guestbook.

Thanks for sharing. I ache for you. Declan was an amazing boy and I'm certain now as an angel is still making an incredible difference every day. My thoughts and prayers ... Read more

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