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By Nov 8, 2013 3:07pm

Photo Comments



Sandi Fohl
By Sandi Fohl
Love this
Jo Rodgers
By Jo Rodgers
So that's what I'll look like tomorrow--I'll try to embrace my drains with as much grace as you. Thank you for your inspiration, Deb.
With love from Oregon,
Diane Check
By Diane Check
This photo is so inspiring. I am getting my DMX on Wednesday and too will continue to embrace life and all that God has in store for me. I too will not stop dancing, rejoicing or praising His name. Thank you for posting about your journey, it has been inspiring to me and I hope to inspire others along my cancer journey too. Keep dancing!! :D
Kim Weaver
By Kim Weaver
As one other person stated... You are a Warrior! Your strength is inspiring. I'm sure that you wouldn't have chosen to go through this and despite everything I'm sure there are moments of fear, anger, and doubt. Despite all that.. you totally wear it well. Please know that there are thousands of souls putting their energy into supporting you.

My daughter was just accepted into medical school for next fall and her soul feels very much like yours. I know that just like you, she will make an amazing difference in this world.

Natali Aziz
By Natali Aziz
You make even drains look artistic and beautiful... you are DIGNITY incarnate!
You are close to my heart always Deb. Love you!!!!
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Patty Magid-Volk
By Patty Magid-Volk — last edited
Beautiful photo of embracing your drains
Tracie Beatty
By Tracie
you are a beautiful soul and a true inspiration! Prayers for a speedy recovery!
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Danielle Mutsaers
By Dani
So beautiful and strong
maureen tarrant
By By Maureen Tarrant
Dear Deborah, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Look at all the dear people you have helped already! No question, your coolest ever video and truly beautiful photos will continue to be JOYFUL medicine that will help countless people for many years to come. You're a wonderful, life-changing gift to the world. Don't know you but love you for being so extraordinary.
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