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By Nov 1, 2013 11:34pm

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Sybil Guetersloh
By Sybil Guetersloh
Awww, look at the girlies (so beautiful)!
Rita Parker
By Rita
Deborah, first of all, you can really dance! After watching your video, I cried for two reasons ..because of your amazing strength and positive attitude...and for my dear friend who will be "dancing" next month as she goes through the same surgery. God is watching over you. I will continue to pray for you.
Linda Katzer
By Linda
You are amazing. Takes a lot of courage. When I was 37 I had osteocarcoma. I just turned 70 last week. Keep going you have the spirit.
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Alice Kapolas
By Mrs. Kapolas
Awe! Sweet little Sweeties!
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Adriana Winquist
By Adriana
I love tour dancing previos the surgery .It is unique .Tu eres increíblemente positiva y valiente e inspiración para todas con y sin cáncer ¡,
Melinda Cadwallader
This was so awesome!! Thank you for sharing, and prayers for a speedy recovery!
Merryl Goldman
By Mrs. Merryl F. Goldman
Rachel Chavez
By Rachel Chavez RN
So cute. You are an inspiration. Loved ur video. God bless you in post op recovery
Erin Barnette
By Erin Barnette
Hi Deb, keep dancing :) Praying for you and a speedy recovery :)
Anne Schoeller
By Anne S
Wishing you a quick recovery!!! As many people as possible should follow your example and dance before surgery! Dancing the stress and tension away! Greetings from Belgium and wishing you lots of strength during the recovery!