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By Oct 28, 2013 4:48pm

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Diane Guerrero
By Diane Guerrero, Albuquerque, New Mexico
You are unbelievable. I only wish you had been there to give us some of your strength when my beloved aunt Gloria passed from hodgkin's, and my darling grandson, Joey from ewing's sarcoma at six, he would be twenty seven and I miss him every day. It was a nightmare and no one like you to make it bearable. I cried, laughed and prayed for a very speedy recovery and to be free of it forever. I had my scare at twenty two, and God blessed me to go on with life, but it seems to be nature to take it for granted untill someone like you wakes me wake to appreciate life and it's joy. Thank you.
Charlotte Maloney
By Charlotte Maloney, Eugene, OR
Deborah, yesterday I cried watching your operating room dance on Huffington Post site and wrote a comment on the comment line of your video here on the Caring Bridge. Seeing your tree hugging portrait made me appreciate who you are even more. I have a cousin who survived breast cancer (1 year in 2012) and a sister who survived a blood cancer (10 years in 2009). Typing this makes me tear up in my caring for your well being and joy in my relatives being here still. Sending healing light to you each morning- until I read you're one year past your surgery. Enjoy your dancing! Be healed, an Oregon sister, cm
Vicki Fair
By Vicki Fair
You are truly an inspiration! Loved the flash mob and your positive attitude. Please keep us updated. Sending you prayers, love, and healing light. Even though i was not able to record it my 15 year old daughter and I did dance with you. She said for me to tell you she sends you a hug too. take care and be well....
Sheila Duckett
By Sheila Duckett
Nice moves girrrrl! Wishing u a fast recovery!
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Rhonda C
By rhonda
love it.
Laurie Serpa
You are a kick ass dancer--esp. for a Doc! We Nurses dance often, but YOU are amazing!!! Sending healing light & love & prayers your way!!
Shelly Kay
By Shelly A.
Hi Deborah,
You truly are such a beautiful inspiration!! Sending you much healing and love !!
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Juliana Story
By Juliana S.
beautiful! You really are an inspiration to all.