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By Oct 25, 2013 3:28pm

Photo Comments



debbie bohr
By debbie bohr
this pic looks like magnified specimens just taken from me Thursday...I'm happy for you they're getting rid of the bad stuff, upwards and onwards towards full Speedy recovery!! :)
kelly sanocki
By kelly sanocki
Love this!! First it makes me want to dance, then it makes me want to know you! Great way to go into surgery, full of endorphins, and surrounded by people who must really care about you! Have a speedy recovery!
Jane Bowling
By Jane Bowling
Maureen Butt
By Maureen
Keep your chin up. This too shall are on the road to full recovery. Blessings to you Deborah
Karen Lux
By Karen MacIver-Lux
Thank you for your dance of joy and bravery! Did your dance ever put a smile and a big hunk of love and hope into my heart. Incredible! Thank you for this and for all that you do Deborah. And I'm rooting, and dancing...and sending you woman power all the way from Canada!
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April Meek
By April
What an awesome outlook~ Loved your video. Prayers and healing thoughts for you.
Pam Hines
By Pam Hines
What an inspiration you are! So full of Spirit!!
Prayers for You! Pam~*~
Maureen Kaseta
By Maureen
My daughter sent me the link to your remarkable dance party. Her message stated that you were an extraordinary example of how we should all lead our lives; with joy, comraderie, grace and of course the chance to dance it out. My prayers are with you for a healthful recovery. Be well.
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