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There are many people in my life to thank. This is just a small sampling from today and yesterday...
to Debbie for gifting a session with Laura Turbow
to Laura for her amazing breast cancer photo project... it was an honor to be witnessed yesterday...
to Dan for coming to my 2 1/2 hour (!!) pre-op appointment and finding me an anesthesiologist willing to dance in the OR (!!!)
to Debbie Hamolsky, the most amazing nurse I've ever met
to Shannon who is taking on way too much at work while I"m on leave and listening to all of my many stories
to the Le Conte teachers who are holding a safe container for my kids
to David for being a mensch
to Lowell for visiting me so much
to Hillary for casting my breasts as they currently are
to Tina for helping me dance with the universe
to Steve for holding up way more than half of the sky
to Benjamin and Dahlia who are the embodiment of courage, grace, and empathy...

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Michael Dickerson
By Mike Dickerson from NC
I have never posted to a site like this; especially for someone I do not know. But when I saw your video this morning on GMA I had a truly "Holy Sh*t" moment. The entire thing was way cool. I hope everyone who has to battle this crappy disease gets better...including you. If attitude has anything to do with'll do just fine. And yeah...I think attitude is EVERYTHING! Good Luck Doc!
Nancy Burgess
By Nancy Burgess
I think that if you were in my life, my life would be much better then it is now. You made me want to get up and dance! You are truly inspiring. I hope your recovery is fast and that you are back catching babies soon.
Taquita Lawson
That was the most awesome thing I have ever witnessed!😀 God bless
Jessica Maule
By Jessica Maule
Hugs from LongBoat Key Florida!! Jessica - Summer- and - Disney!!!
Joan Rosario
By Jo'an
Yesterday, I came upon your story and video on and shared it on my facebook page to bring joy to any of my friends who may need it. I'm truly amazed that you continue to spread joy when you are at most vulnerable. You have brought many viewers to tears because: 1) they've never seen a physician get down on the OR floor --- better yet, they never knew their physician CAN dance, 2) didn't think that anyone can look good in a hospital gown, 3) they asked themselves, “white girls can dance?” ☺

May you have a speedy recovery and to continue ‘get bodied’! Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself…you are wonderful.
marsha barrett
By Marsha Barrett
Your spirit is infectious. You had me dancing, smiling, laughing, and singing........ and praying for your speedy recovery.
The world needs more of you. Thank you for making everyone's day a little brighter by your optimism, courage, and beautiful smile.
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Michelle Walker
By Michelle Walker — last edited
Thanks Deborah, W.O.W. you are truly amazing and you have many, many happy years ahead of you with that spirit, smile and frame of mind!! Thank you for sharing and many hugs, blessings and prayers sent to you, family & friends!! God Speed and Speedy Recovery ♥
Jennifer Parker
By Jennifer Parker
Hurrah for your courage and creativity! I'm sure it will fuel your recovery. Blessings to you!
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Evetta Pickett Jackson
By Evetta Pickett Jackson
All I could say was "WOW" as I read an watched. You are truly a woman of inspiring and amazing strength. May your journey be blessed your recover speedy. You shall dance another day!
Lisa Sheffield
By Lisa Sheffield, Williston FL
You are a beautiful inspiration, dancing brings happiness and joy. So glad you chose to be so positive and share your experience. Wishing you smooth healing and many blessings to rocked this...great moves!!!