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Telling the kids

I told the kids last night about my breast cancer. They were amazing. Dahlia wiped her brow and said "phew!" when I said early on in the conversation that I was going to be okay. Ben asked if my hair was going to fall out (won't know about chemo until a few weeks after surgery). When Dahlia asked what surgery is, Ben enacted cutting off her shoulder and then sewing it back on. Then spontaneously, as if on cue, Ben stood up and started singing the 90's pop song, "Everybody Dance Now" as he and Dahlia started shaking it on the living room rug (appropriately called the dance floor in our house). Okay then. We are all going to be okay. Thanks to all of you who are sending out positive juju for me and my family. It's working!
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56 Comentarios

Jeanne Luck
By Jeanne Luck
PS: Deborah I hope you are feeling well this January. I wanted you to know my mother, an RN was diagnosed with a golf ball size tumor in
her left breast 24 years ago. She advocated for herself and I was allowed in the OR for her induction. The night before her surgery my sisters and I placed our hands on her breast and talked about puberty, becoming a woman, breastfeeding our children and saying thank you. She went through chemotherapy and was told she would loose her hair. Well she didn't. Now a young 78 year old. She inspired me to become a nurse practitioner. My daughter is a pediatric RN working in oncology. The lesson... don't hold back.. dance the dance every day. Wear out tge "dance floor" be fulfilled everyday♡ thank you for the lesson. Jeanne
Jeanne Luck
By Jeanne Luck
You are an amazing gift to all women, humble health care providers who are willing to step out of the box and create a healing place. As a woman and provider, you inspire me to keep my toes just outside that box and be a kind person first♡
Natalie Guerrero
By Natalie Guerrero
Deborah You Are AMAZING! Having Lost My Grams Last Year To BC And Watching My Mother Also Go Thru This....From The Bottom Of My Heart THANK YOU! You Brought Tears To Mine And Mom's Eyes Watching Your Video I Wish More Could Experience this TypeOf.joy To Ease The Worry Before A Surgery Like This. Stays StroNg And Keep The Fight Going! The Guerrero Family Stands BesidE You In This Fight For A Cure! :) Many Prayers And Much love!!!!
Christine Candelaria
By Christine C
Life. You're doing it right. :)
Angela Mitchell
By Angela Mitchell, Mia Mortiz, Kaylene Howard, Lea Camille, Kimiko Barbour
Here is our video in your honor <3 we hope we make you proud ;)

Angela Mitchell
By Angela Mitchell, Mia Mortiz, Kaylene Howard, Lea Camille, Kimiko Barbour
Deborah, you are an amazing woman and we are "crazy" inspired by you!!!!! We live in the bay area and would love to go dancing with you when you are feeling up to it. Sending you love, happy wishes, and of course healing prayers <3

Jayne Holmgren
By Jayne Holmgren
My daughter shared your story with me I just had to check it out. I had the pleasure of watching your "flash mob" video, which was amazing, you did surgery YOUR way. I too love music of all kinds and dancing goes right along with that . You were in my thoughts and prayers this weekend, sending you healing prayers
from MN.
Chayim Jakob
By Chayim Jakob

You're amazing. I hope you never have to lay on that table again.

My wife is having the first part of a bilateral mastectomy tomorrow (11/12/13). Because of your inspiration, she decided to do a karaoke piece in the O.R. (I Will Survive). The bureaucrats at NYU absolutely forbade it! Any suggestions?

Good luck on your journey. Stay strong.
Deborah weeks
By Deborah w — last edited
Wow!! I was amazied! I was feeling down after a vist with my mom! Her mind is going. But your video was just what I needed! My lovely sister sent me ur positive and uplifting love of life , happy to be here, I have things to see and do! Let's get on with it! My kids are waiting for me! Dance! I know you are doing good! Your photos are great and I can't wait to read more of your journey ! Enjoy your life ! I will be keepn you in my prayers! Keep dancing! I am going to start dancing also!
Linda Rusich
By Linda Rusich
Deb, you are such an amazing inspiration and spirit. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dancing with all of us. God Bless.