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Telling the kids

I told the kids last night about my breast cancer. They were amazing. Dahlia wiped her brow and said "phew!" when I said early on in the conversation that I was going to be okay. Ben asked if my hair was going to fall out (won't know about chemo until a few weeks after surgery). When Dahlia asked what surgery is, Ben enacted cutting off her shoulder and then sewing it back on. Then spontaneously, as if on cue, Ben stood up and started singing the 90's pop song, "Everybody Dance Now" as he and Dahlia started shaking it on the living room rug (appropriately called the dance floor in our house). Okay then. We are all going to be okay. Thanks to all of you who are sending out positive juju for me and my family. It's working!
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Kimberly Page
By Kim
good going! telling my kids was an unforgettable milestone too! they sound just wonderful
Carla de Cervantes
By Carla de Cervantes
This is so beautiful!! It makes my heart sing. And my body want to dance!
David Early
By David
So happy to hear about this.
Monica Gandhi
By Monica Gandhi
Love the resilience of children, but am most impressed by YOUR resiliency and excellence. You definitely will be okay and "phew" is correct.
Emily James
By Emily James
Yay! Big relief to have had that conversation, I am sure :)