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Telling the kids

I told the kids last night about my breast cancer. They were amazing. Dahlia wiped her brow and said "phew!" when I said early on in the conversation that I was going to be okay. Ben asked if my hair was going to fall out (won't know about chemo until a few weeks after surgery). When Dahlia asked what surgery is, Ben enacted cutting off her shoulder and then sewing it back on. Then spontaneously, as if on cue, Ben stood up and started singing the 90's pop song, "Everybody Dance Now" as he and Dahlia started shaking it on the living room rug (appropriately called the dance floor in our house). Okay then. We are all going to be okay. Thanks to all of you who are sending out positive juju for me and my family. It's working!
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Kimberly DeCrow
By Kimberly DeCrow
Wow. I had exploratory surgery a week ago....waiting on the biopsy report even as we speak. Seeing this has brought me peace and joy! No matter what the results are-watching the way you've handled your cancer diagnosis is an inspiration! God bless you on your healing journey!
Hortensia Contreras
By Hortensia Contreras
I didn't see this in time to join The 7:30 am dance but did a little shaking now in your honor! You are awesome ! Wish you the best outcome for this journey. Love and prayers.
Megan Beardsley
By Megan Beardsley
Making it light instead of making it heavy--amazing :)
Tanya Brown
By Tanya
Wow you and your kids are so resilient and creative and honest. And i just love that ben knows when to dance! Have been thinking about all of you so much and sending healing and dancing vibes for tomorrow.
Stephanie YR
By Stephanie Young Rosen
Deb - is there any harder news to tell our children? I just read about your cancer, and honestly, I started crying just thinking about that conversation. You handled it with such grace, courage and joy. You inspire me. I will be dancing with you on your journey and am sending you love. You will be more than okay - already you are stronger, more appreciative and more loving. Thank you for setting up this site and sharing your journey with us. We are here for you. And love love love you!!
Jennifer Nevins
By Jenny McAllister-Nevins
You've been a rock and a sage since I've known you. Not surprising to me that you're entering this tough phase with clarity, love, and vision. Sending good vibes your way....
Sara Newmann
By Sara Newmann
Phew is right!! You will ALL be ok. Your honesty, love, openness, strength, calm will get you through this. Those kids.....I just love them. They are so lucky to have you as their Mama! xoxo
Meredith Geller
By Mer
WOW Deb! So happy that went well...those little ones rule! xxx
Carol Cardinale
By Carol C.
I read an amazing article about Mariel Hemingway and how she lives her life as a healthy Hemingway - her mantra: Dr. Sun, Dr. Air, Dr. Water, Dr. Exercise and Dr. Diet. She should have added Dr. Love...this story about your kids reminds me of how binding that life force is. I am sending out as much juju I have towards Mt. Zion and to you next week.
Craig Cohen
So glad to hear that the dancing continues in your home...I'm sure the dance floor hasn't seen anything yet! Sending you prayers, healing thoughts and warm wishes, Craig