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Telling the kids

I told the kids last night about my breast cancer. They were amazing. Dahlia wiped her brow and said "phew!" when I said early on in the conversation that I was going to be okay. Ben asked if my hair was going to fall out (won't know about chemo until a few weeks after surgery). When Dahlia asked what surgery is, Ben enacted cutting off her shoulder and then sewing it back on. Then spontaneously, as if on cue, Ben stood up and started singing the 90's pop song, "Everybody Dance Now" as he and Dahlia started shaking it on the living room rug (appropriately called the dance floor in our house). Okay then. We are all going to be okay. Thanks to all of you who are sending out positive juju for me and my family. It's working!
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Samantha Blake
Saw the video of you & the medical staff dancing in the OR, & just wanted to say that I really admire your strength, motivation & dance moves! You're are an inspiration :) Wishing you a speedy recovery & a cancer free future with your family. You are all in my thoughts. Take care x
Linda Burton
By Linda
I love your "dancing video" in operating room. All of you were "throwing" down, fun. I wish you much success with recovery and further treatment plans. I have worked in a cancer center 9 yrs, chemo department, it always great to see someone with a positive attitude. Not only physically but a cancer diagnosis can be mentally exhausting. God Bless!
gilda molinar
By Gilda
May the Lord be with you during this difficult time in your and your family's life. Watching this video has reminded me that there are a lot more people in a worse way than my aches and pains. You have definitely inspired me to learn to accept things as they are and be positive with whatever God gives me. May you have a quick and speedy recovery!
Jon P
It is pleasing to see a fellow colleague (a physician too) go thru this difficult time with humility and courage. I was a patient too who underwent an orchiectomy 2 years ago. It was a very difficult time for me, but I learned a few things. Life is precious and priorities do change. I now spend more time with family, friends and God. As physicians, we usually forget on how and when to take a break from our busy schedules. It is naturally more difficult to hear the "C" word as a patient than telling it as a physician! The journey has made me become a more compassionate, caring, and understanding physician. Thank you for sharing the video. I wish you well during your recovery!
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Dessiree Ellison
By Desiree Ellison
saw the video of you dancing in the operating room and it brought me to tears. I love your positive attitude and I pray nothing but the best for you.
Lisa Burquin
By Lisa Burquin
I have always danced to "Keep Smiling" by Wet Willie when I'm down. It always makes me smile and know I can get through whatever is thrown at me. You are an amazing example of positive spirit. God bless you and your family!
Michael Croce
By Michael J. Croce
Dr. Cohan, I love your spirit. You are an amazing example of courage in the face of adversity. You remind me that people may differ politically and theologically, but we are all still built the same. We are strong willed people in fragile human containers. I admire your strength and your willingness to be strong for those around you. To comfort those who fear losing you. To bring joy and laughter to a very sad and horrific situation. I wish you and your family true happiness, joy and contentment. More than anything else, I wish you good health and many years of love with your family and friends.
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Cassandre Brajcich
By Cassie Brajcich
Amazing! Wish I would have thought of shaking my ta tas one last time before going under the knife :) My one-year anniversary of my surgery is next week. It's amazing how quickly the body heals and how wonderfully blessed I was (and still am!) with the love of friends and family. Godspeed in your recovery in the weeks ahead. Much love and blessings to you and your family!

:D fellow survivor/thriver!
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Nona Warrior
By Nona
I smiled through the whole video...I recently had a hysterectomy and cried all the way up until the put me under I was so scared...God bless u...
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jade stone
By Jade
Hey...just watched your dance video. Firstly---if you hadn't been a probably would have been dancer..your dang good!! did inspire me, I promise to dance in the face of adversity, just like you. Thridly...I love your son Ben.
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