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Flash mob!

I want to dance in the OR before going under anesthesia (ideally with the entire OR team). I am thinking Get Me Bodied by Beyonce... then fall asleep listening to the Peruvian jungle sounds recorded by my friend.
I want to dance with my community -- flash mob style -- in the hallway of my Mt Zion hospital room on November 6th. Maybe even get some other patients out of their beds to dance with us.

Dance is my medicine.
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Liz Spinella-Jones
By Liz Spinella-Jones
You are blazing a trail for all patients to stand up with their healthcare team and guide them in how YOU want to be taken care of. So amazing, so excited for all you have ahead of you and people you are helping along your way.
Jill Gilbert
Video made me smile. Hope you have a great recovery & many happy healthy years ahead of you.
Diane Senft
By Diane S.
I loved the mob dance in the OR. I could watch it all day, it sure lifts ones spirit. I am in the middle of my breast reconstruction. Had a double mastectomy. One breast at a time, seven months apart. Had my expanders put in Aug 13, and will have my implants put in this Jan 29, 2014. I am doing great, I have great Dr.'s at the V.A. Lol and I know you will do great also.
Ronna Bruce
Deborah, learned about your awesome spirit on Melissa Harris Perry this a.m. Wishing your body and strength speedy healing and a full recovery. Your amazing example is a blessing for others when they face life threatening health challenges --rally your spirit and engage your resources.
Samuel Knapp
By Sam K.
Mamacita had her surgery a few months and is getting ready for reconstruction. I am looking forward to showing this to her when she gets back from camping with BabyGirl. Perhaps we can create Phase II to your inspiration!
Kathy H
By Kathy H.
I just saw this (11/8/13). I have never danced....never had the nerve. I'm finishing this and will put on some music and dance for you today, in the privacy of my own home. I love your spirit and believe with every fiber of my being that you will beat this cancer. I will think of you and your family and look forward to updates on how you're doing. Be well....
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Ruthann Leblanc
By Ruthann leblanc
You really inspired me, physically I am ok, but I suffer from anxiety and depression, but seeing you dance before surgery just gave me such a boost of courage to go on in spite of difficulties.
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Jaclyn Dickens
By Jaclyn Dickens
God Bless You!!!!!! You made me smile.... You also made me cry!!!! You make me happy! You make me proud! You are an amazing woman, and I pray to God that you will beat cancer's butt. You are the strong woman that I try to be daily. I would love to meet you. I have been cowering in a corner, knowing I have tumors that need to be tested again.... You make me want to be the strong woman that I know I can be.. Thank You! :-)
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Jen Schriewer
By Jen Schriewer
I used to be an OR nurse. Oh how I would've shaken it with you. You're beautiful. You have no idea the magnitude of people you are going to bless.
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Megan Nghe
By Megan N.
Deb! I love the video... Now whenever I hear that song I will think of you! Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery, and healthy, and happy days ahead!
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