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Deborah's Healing Journey

I am having a bilateral mastectomy at Mt Zion on Tuesday November 5th at 7:30am with Drs. Cheryl Ewing and Rob Foster.


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Patrick Duffy
By Patrick Duffy — last edited
Dr Cohan,
I admire your happiness as you danced before your surgery. I have been on this same cancer journey with my wife for just over five years. So far she remains cancer free!!! I would like to recommend a book that helped me help my wife through her treatment and beyond. <br>
Breast Cancer Husband: How to help your wife (and yourself) through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. <br>
By Marc Silver<br>
It became a reference manual that I still use. <br>
I hope all the best for you and your family, <br>
eileen pillmeier
By Eileen Long Island, NY.
Hang in there. It's all about everyday in Gods strength. Praying for a speedy recovery. One day at time, one drain at a time.
Linda Weston
By Linda Weston
i saw your video prayers for a speedy recovery
Debbie Dunham
By Debbie Dunham
Had the privilege of seeing your dance video! What a blessing! Girl - you have some moves! I pray for your speedy recovery! May God bless!
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Lisa Barron
By Lisa M. Barron
Loved your pre-surgery Dance, totally AWESOME!
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Kara Pecson
By Kara Pecson
Prayers for your swift recovery!! I saw your pre-op dance video. I am a dancer and you put a huge smile on my face!
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Naomi Stotland
By Naomi XOXO
OMG I LOVE Dr. Ewing - I was her medical student at University of Chicago back in the early 90's when she was just starting out as a breast surgeon and she was AMAZING. She was one of the people who inspired me to go into a surgical field. I did not know she was here.
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