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I am giving an update on Debbie's behalf. I apologize for taking so long to post it. We had to go to the Emergency Room late Friday night, May 10. Debbie had a terrible headache most of the day, and we couldn't get the pain under control. They got the pain under control about 3:00 am Saturday morning. They kept her until Tuesday of last week while they observed her on the pain medication. They performed a CT scan which showed a slight increase in tumor size and swelling around the tumors since January. This was the likely cause of the headache. No new tumors. While a slight increase doesn't sound bad, as her Dr. said, a few millimeters is significant when you're dealing with a finite amount of space inside the skull. She has become more confused in her thinking, and she is now in the bed or a bedside chair. But, the pain still remains under control...we are so thankful for that.