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By Amy Ray — Feb 6, 2014 12:12pm

I am so happy to celebrate your five-year anniversary and your continuing to survive and to thrive.  Shortly after I was diagnosed last June, my sister Darby shared with me the gist of your story and, explaining that you are surviving with incredible grace, humor, and strength of character, also shared your book with me.  Once I was able to catch my breath and dry some of my tears, your book was the first thing I read--my first attempt to see if anyone could have articulated any part of my still-new but already-devastating experience.  And, you did and did so well.  Your voice was central to my realizing that I was not alone and, at a time when I knew my case was serious but was not at all sure how serious, you gave me hope that even if I learned that I was stage 4, there was yet grace and hope.  Thank you, Deanna, for making the emotional and physical effort to re-live some excruciating experiences and to share your insights so that those of us who would follow you could benefit, as I have.  Cheers to you and the gift you are!