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Welcome to CaringBridge. We have created this site to keep our friends and family updated about Deanna's progress. Please read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook.As of Friday, December 12th, Deanna is still at Abbott Northwestern hospital in Minneapolis, staying on the Spinal floor, with her husband Neal close at hand. Several months ago (August of 2008), she started experiencing back pain. After an initial MRI, she was told she had a fracture in her vertebrae. For several months Deanna diligently wore a brace to heal the fracture. The past two weeks, the fracture, however, got worse.

On December 8th, Deanna had another MRI and at the doctor's request, a subsequent biopsy of the lower back. She was admitted to the hospital on December 10th because the biopsy had come back malignant. She was admitted by the Spinal doctor, but the Oncologist quickly became involved. It turns out, the bone in the vertebrae had weakened, and had fractured because of the cancer within the back. Running point on all the activity and follow-up testing was Dave Tetzlaff, Neal and Deanna's brother-in-law, who is a physician at Abbott. It has been a god-send to have Dave involved.

After a CT Scan, the news became worse, and that it was not only in the back, but had also gotten to the pelvis, with a couple spots on the lung. Because the form of cancer appeared to be estrogen based, the breast was still the likely culprit. This had not been verified. The doctors still needed to verify the source as the breast, so an ultrasound and biopsy of chest was proposed, and conducted on Thursday, December 11th. On the evening of the 11th, the Oncologist gave Deanna and Neal some positive news, that the lower back could and would be treated immediately with radiation. And Deanna would be feeling better in the back by Christmas. As of Friday, however, we still haven't heard back from Pathology on the biopsy of the breast.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, discussions around next steps for the breast cancer will be discussed. The real difficult aspect for Deanna, is having to deal with two sources of cancer and pain: the lower back (immediate) and the breast (longer term depending on the stage it is in).

We will update the details here and in the journal as they become known. It is obviously a fluid situation, and changing by the day, if not the hour. Please check the journal as well, since Deanna will be updating that as her pain improves, and she begins her radiation treatments. Please keep Deanna, Neal and their two children, Linnea (12) and Annika (9) in your deepest prayers as they move through this trying time in their lives.
Thank you, Noel Thompson (Deanna's brother).


Deanna Thompson posted a new journal entry, "Great Report from Fall Scans, tests".

Dear Family and Friends:Blessings to you all this fabulous fall day, a day that became even more fabulous for us as we met with the oncologist this morning to get the ... Read more

Kim Evenson signed Deanna's Guestbook.

Yes!  This makes my day.  :-)   Sending prayers of thanks and prayers of hope for continued health and happiness, from the bottom of my heart! Read more

Betsy Radtke signed Deanna's Guestbook.

Deanna - So happy to read your good news!  It was also great to see you and Neal at Luther on Saturday during Parents Weekend!  Take care.  Read more

Lois Pallmeyer signed Deanna's Guestbook.

I've never in my life been so happy to hear about a bee sting! God bless you as you traverse this next new part of a very unclear journey. Thanks for sharing the good news. Read more

The Owatonna Tverbergs signed Deanna's Guestbook.

Rejoicing with you on your good report! As we walk beside other family members and friends who are working through their own experiences with cancer, it is so helpful to ... Read more

Deanna Thompson added a new photo.

Deanna Thompson added a new photo.

Rhonda Tjaden signed Deanna's Guestbook.

Deanna,Thanks for another update. I love to hear how things are going for you and your family. So many good, yet emotional life events for you right now. Thus the tears. ... Read more

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Hi Deanna.  Congratulations to you and your daughter.  I am thrilled to hear that your cancer remains safely in remission.  And may your daughter have a great career in ... Read more

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Congratulations Linnea and Deanna!!!  Deanna, you have given this cancer a real battle and that's not going to stop no matter what drug you are on. I have faith you will ... Read more

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