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Dax’s Story

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Since this has all started I have seen how wonderful everyone in my life really is. I see things alot differently now. I see how important every second of every minute is and I will never take one more second for granted.

I want to say a couple very special thanks to some amazing people. First my mom, sisters, mother and father in law and Kristin and Justin. Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this easier. From coming to watch Dax to listening to me cry when I didn't know what to say. Also for staying strong when I'm not. Thank you to my amazing neighbor Trish. You mean so much to me. The wonderful baskets you put together and the cards are so thoughtful. I appreciate your friendship and you are the best mom and friend. I have learned so much from you. Also thank you to the rest of my neighborhood who added to the baskets with such thoughtful items. I cant wait to order some good food from Chef Megan! Please let the Dunkels know we used their money for our favorite family meal Monicals Pizza. Thanks to Steve Strubhar also for bringing us dinner in the hospital. He is Dax's adopted uncle. Thank you to my Grandma who has been through many cancers and has been a wonderful resource to us. Thank you again to everyone and keep us in your thought and prayers while we battle this.

The Story (so far):

On July 16th Dax was admitted at Methodist Medical Center for dehydration and high fevers for 4 straight days. After many tests he was transfered to St. Francis Childrens Hospital for more testing on Saturday, July 19th. After being there for a couple days Dax perked up and since his diagnosis was still undeteremined they told us we could go home. The next day we were admitted again because he had another high fever and he wouldn't stay awake. Within a few days and many tests later we found a mass in his sinus cavity along with bone deteration. After finding that out we were told we needed to go to the University of Iowa to get the biopsy of the mass because it was in a very critical spot. It's located at the top part of his nose right between his eyes. It's farther back in the head near the brain and optic nerve. We arrived at the University of Iowa on Friday July 25th and found out that it was for sure a malignant tumor Saturday July 26th. Now we are waiting for results from the pathologist to determine what type of cancer it is so we can begin treatment. We do know chemo is almost certain and surgery to remove it is off the table. The tumor is in the upper sinus cavity and is roughly the size of a bottlecap. See the photo for the MRI...

Latest Journal Update

Happy Birthday Dax

It's hard to believe next week on June 26th will be Dax's 7th birthday. I remember the feeling of selflessness consuming my heart the moment I saw him for the first time. The hardship and devastation that followed in the years to come have brought me to my knees, but I'm thankful to be up again and stronger than ever serving others and growing more and more each day. Dax gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever receive, and I'm at complete peace today because of it. When I began the Dax Foundation in honor of him, it helped my heart to do something for him. Now on his 7th birthday I'm feeling at peace with that heartache, and I see the bigger purpose behind this gift I have been given. The Dax Foundation is a tool to be used to touch so many lives who are in the battle to save their children. For the past 3 years, we have sent 73 St. Jude children EACH YEAR to Camp Coco. It is an amazing camp where our St. Jude kids and staff have been going for over 20 years.  It is a place where their hearts can be filled with love and support from children who are just like them while they receive their treatments from St. Jude staffers.  The facility is also completely handicap accessible.  If you have been through a tragedy, you can understand how important support from someone who have been though it becomes.

I'm so thankful for everyone who has supported me and believed in Dax's Foundation. We have lots of fun events coming up that are family friendly. Mark you calendars for the 2nd annual Dally for Dax. It's a roping and barrel racing event on June 28th from 10-2p.m. There will be a petting zoo, horse rides, face painting and more! This year we are excited to add Dally for Dax at Dusk that evening from 7-10p.m featuring a hog roast and the band Hickory Bend. It's also a family-friendly concert so bring your whole family, blankets and chairs. Please visit our website for more details and direction to the event.  daxlocke.org

In honor of Dax's birthday, it's a great time of the year to give to the foundation in honor of him. Every dollar helps makes a difference in so many ways! Cherish Every Moment

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Lynn Lattea
By Lynn Lattea
I just watched The Heart of Christmas and I must say as I watched with tears streaming down my face,I realize how blessed I am... I have been worrying so much about finances,and not being able to get my kids anything for Christmas that I have forgotten to thank God for all the blessings I do have... My kids are both healthy and have a roof over their heads and a warm place to sleep.. They have food to eat... So many others are sick or going through much worse than we are... Thank You Julie for sharing the story of your precious Dax and I will keep you and Madeline in my thoughts and Prayers.. Merry Christmas to You Both!! <3
Marilyn U
By Marilyn U
Hi Julie
Wanted to stop by and wish you and Madeline a Blessed Christmas season, hope you both are settled in to your new home. Merry Christmas
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Tom/Billie Whorton
By Billie
Your story is beautiful and filled with so much Love and Faith ,Hope and Happiness while dealing with the saddest situation ever! I was so proud to see you let him be a little boy.He was so brave and precious, I cried so much. God Bless your family and just think, you will see Him again!
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Shannon Eanes
By Shannon Eanes
Thank you for letting Hallmark tell your story. I too have cried as probably many others have. This is the perfect movie for Thanksgiving and Christmas to remember the real reason of the holiday but also that family after God is very important. May God Bless your family and remember that Dax loved the baby Jesus and that is a reflection on how y'all raised him. Merry Christmas.
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Maddy Mettler
By Maddy Mettler
As I sit here watching "The heart of Christmas" I cry. Dax proved that he loves you and his daddy so very much. I hope you guys stay strong as the years go by, your family is beautiful and strong. Dax sure was a fighter and he couldn't have fought any harder if it wasn't for you and your family being there.. stay strong during the holidays that are approaching. I will forever love this movie, it's my all time favorite❤️❤️Dax was the cutest and strongest little man I've ever seen. Happy holidays Locke family!🎅🎅❤️
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Nelena Wilson
By Nelena Wilson
I just watch thd movie " The Heart of Christmas" and it was so sad I literally cried. But it was also very inspiring I will definitely donate for Dax he was so strong and for you parents I could not even imagine going through this. I just wish I would have learned of this back when it started.I am so sorry but congratulations on stayong strong. Best of love <3
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jasmine campbell
By jasmine
OMG i watch the heat of chritmas last night and it brought tears to my eyes little DIX was a fighter and he also had the best parents in the world im so sorry for you guys lost
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sharen johal
By Sharenjeet Johal — last edited
I just finished watching "The Heart Of Chritmas" and it brought me to tears of how strong your family was and just want to say you are an inspiration to everyone. Lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAX!!
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jennifer colwell
By jennifer colwell
I just watched the movie about dax and your family and it has changed my life. Thank you for sharing your story. I know it has blessed so many and it has blessed my family to. God bless u all. Can't wait to meet dax when I get to heaven what a strong boy and strong family.
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kathiejo lawrence
By kathiejo lawrence