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Dax’s Story

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Since this has all started I have seen how wonderful everyone in my life really is. I see things alot differently now. I see how important every second of every minute is and I will never take one more second for granted.

I want to say a couple very special thanks to some amazing people. First my mom, sisters, mother and father in law and Kristin and Justin. Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this easier. From coming to watch Dax to listening to me cry when I didn't know what to say. Also for staying strong when I'm not. Thank you to my amazing neighbor Trish. You mean so much to me. The wonderful baskets you put together and the cards are so thoughtful. I appreciate your friendship and you are the best mom and friend. I have learned so much from you. Also thank you to the rest of my neighborhood who added to the baskets with such thoughtful items. I cant wait to order some good food from Chef Megan! Please let the Dunkels know we used their money for our favorite family meal Monicals Pizza. Thanks to Steve Strubhar also for bringing us dinner in the hospital. He is Dax's adopted uncle. Thank you to my Grandma who has been through many cancers and has been a wonderful resource to us. Thank you again to everyone and keep us in your thought and prayers while we battle this.

The Story (so far):

On July 16th Dax was admitted at Methodist Medical Center for dehydration and high fevers for 4 straight days. After many tests he was transfered to St. Francis Childrens Hospital for more testing on Saturday, July 19th. After being there for a couple days Dax perked up and since his diagnosis was still undeteremined they told us we could go home. The next day we were admitted again because he had another high fever and he wouldn't stay awake. Within a few days and many tests later we found a mass in his sinus cavity along with bone deteration. After finding that out we were told we needed to go to the University of Iowa to get the biopsy of the mass because it was in a very critical spot. It's located at the top part of his nose right between his eyes. It's farther back in the head near the brain and optic nerve. We arrived at the University of Iowa on Friday July 25th and found out that it was for sure a malignant tumor Saturday July 26th. Now we are waiting for results from the pathologist to determine what type of cancer it is so we can begin treatment. We do know chemo is almost certain and surgery to remove it is off the table. The tumor is in the upper sinus cavity and is roughly the size of a bottlecap. See the photo for the MRI...

Latest Journal Update

$1.6 million dollars!!!!!

I sit here today, almost 5 year exactly since Dax went to Heaven, with a very full and peaceful heart. I’m proud and humbled to say we have hit our original goal of raising $1.6 million dollars to run St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for one day!! The fact that this journey has been given to me specifically to know His amazing grace is more than I can wrap my head around.Daily, my heart has been stirred by incredible support from PEOPLE, stories,donations, volunteers and prayers. In the journey of reaching this goal, I've realized the mission of the foundation is unbelievably strong and meant to continue. The honor of running St. Jude for a day is only the beginning. The support and encouragement I've received along the way has made me realize my mission to continue the foundation will be through giving to St. Jude, funding Camp Coco, supporting local families, and creating community for families in need.

When I began this foundation with my original goal and my grief stricken heart; I thought the goal would be reached very quickly.   It’s fascinating for me to step back and see the complexity of the situation I was placed in, the people who rocked my world, the heart changes I was forced to face and the clear overall result of where I am today. I can honestly say I have never felt stronger in who I am, more closure in things I couldn’t understand before, and most importantly, closer to God than I could have ever dreamed. The greatest lesson I have learned is that change doesn’t come without a challenge.

Over these past years my eyes have been opened to the needs of St. Jude families outside the hospital walls. St. Jude does amazing things,and I will do all I can to support them and carry out what I have started! When Dax was at St. Jude it cost $1.6 million dollars a day to run the hospital.Today, it’s over $2 million a day! I was so blessed to be given a son whose life would be remembered as “The Heart of Christmas.” During this time of year,I can’t help but think about Mary as she was about to give birth to Jesus and the emotions that filled her heart knowing that He would change the world. I know how overwhelmed with joy my heart is to see the small impact my son had. I get messages almost daily of people who read my blog or saw Dax’s movie and decided to spend more time with those they loved. I’ve heard stories of people who gave their lives to the Lord and nothing is bigger than that.

With a grateful heart, I want to thank you for supporting meas I continue to be the hands and feet in service to this special cause and its families. We will be going to Memphis to dedicate a plaque in Dax’s honor very soon! I will share photos of this monumental event as every single person has been such a big part of this first big goal!  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! Cherish Every Moment

Julie Locke

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Angelise Parissi
By Angelise Parissi
Dear Julie Locke I hope you reach your goal by raising $1.6 million I'm gonna raise $250 a month in Dax's memory to cure cancer kids.
Angelise Parissi
By Angelise Parissi
I love your baby Dax Locke he's so cute god bless this baby named Dax locke we love him. I'm Angelise Paris since
Angelise Parissi
By Angelise Parissi
Dear Julie locke, I love day locke sorry for your loss xoxo to fax locke
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Charlie McCook
By Charlie McCook
Dear Julie,
I'm not sure if you remember me, but as Dax was fighting for his life, my daughter, Kate was also battling cancer and we would write each other either on Facebook or the Caringbridge website. I am with my family on Christmas Day and we are watching the movie, "The Heart of Christmas" together. Christmas has been very difficult since my angel passed, but I felt like I really needed to watch the movie now.
God works in mysterious ways. In fact right now as I type this note too you, the song, "Reason For the World," is playing on the movie. Joe and Matthew West have become close friends, bringing so much comfort to my family and especially me. You sharing your story, made a huge difference in my life.
Tonight I learned something amazing that I want to share with you. My daughter, Katherine Leigh McCook, went to be with the Lord on October 28, 2010. She was 22 years old. I believe there are no consequences. The Lord is an Amazing God. His grace is enough. To learn tonight that your baby girl, Madeline, was born the same day that my Kate passed peacefully, somehow brings me comfort. So bless you Julie, Austin and Madeline!
Merry Christmas and many Happy New Years ahead.
Love from our family to yours.
Tina Pamplin
By Tina Pamplin
Hi! I just watched the heart of Christmas and I cried all the way through it. I have a 2 year old fixing to be 3 on January 8. All I could think about is how would I do it. I couldn't imagine the heartache you and your family has been through. I am so sorry for your loss.
Cindi Autry
By Cindi Autry
Your story is so touching. I have friends whose daughter passed from leukemia. She was treated at St. Jude as well. They are so wonderful!
Margaret Wong
Watched the movie.
Emmanuel thought and prayers are with u and your family in this year's Christmas...
McKenzie Smith
By McKenzie
Hi I am McKenzie and I am 11.I am so so sorry for what you went though.I was very young when dax's passed,so. I saw the one last Christmas song in school my teacher was trying to teach us about cherishing every moment with family and I went home and looked it up and I saw I watched the movie and my heart burst and agian I am sorry I hope it gets better as years past.prayers.
Catherine Tucker
By Catherine Tucker
Austin and Julie,

My daughters and I watched "The Heart of Christmas" this afternoon. We cried throughout the entire movie, and were so touched by Dax's story and all that St. Jude's does for sick children and their families.

At the end of the movie when Dax's birth year was shown as 2007, my 8-year old said, surprised and sad, "Dax would have been my friend. We were the same age. I bet he would have been a really fun kid." I looked at her and my heart broke for you, that she is here but he is not. It is so unfair. I am so sorry.

But, I also know Dax's short life was jam-packed with so much LOVE and LIFE and through you and all of those who have given to St. Jude's, his small life has made a HUGE difference.

My husband was killed in an accident 2 years ago. I know that even as the years pass, the grief is always there. My heart is with you this Christmas and as his "going home" day approaches. You will be in my prayers.
Tonya LeBlanc
By Tonya LeBlanc Moak. Sulphur, LA
I just finished watching The Heart of Christmas. I set alerts on my phone so I wouldn't miss it. One of my students was also a patient at St Jude's. Tyler earned his angel wings in May 2008. St. Jude's is one of the charities I support because of the great care Tyler received. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure it touched many people the way it touched me. God Bless you and Your Family during this Christmas season.
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