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David’s Story

After being admitted for 8 weeks in the ICU at St Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Tuesday January 20th, 2009 we received word at 730am, that a heart and kidney had been found and the transplant could be scheduled for today, pending all the preliminary testing on both patient and organs.

Around 630pm, we were told it was a "go". All the testing had come back good this time.

At 830pm, he was taken to the operating room to be prepped. The surgery began at midnight, and by 1:41AM he was on the bypass machine. This machine acts as his heart during the surgery.

At 2:30AM the organs arrived and by 5:30AM the heart was implanted. The staff continued to give us updates throughout the night, which was WONDERFUL! Everyone here is awesome and so caring.

At 7:30AM, we met with the surgeon who informed us that this was the most difficult case he has ever had. Dave's heart was almost entirely calcified/hard (stone, like a rock is what he said) and they had to use orthopedic tools to take it out of the chest cavity. They are trying to get the bleeding under control, which we had expected because he bleeds so easily.

At 10:30AM, he was brought back to his same room and is also has a 24hour dialysis machine to keeps things flushing thru his body to relieve extra stress on the new heart. They decided to leave his chest open due to the bleeding and the oozing from his bone marrow and surrounding tissue until things are under control. We were all able to see him thru the window. He is swollen and has alot of tubes, but he has good color. They are going to get him stabilized throughout the day today and then take him back to surgery tonight around 8pm for the Kidney transplant. Due to the bleeding during the heart transplant, they were unable to do both earlier this morning. For now, we continue to wait for updates from the staff. They are very good about keeping us informed.