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David’s Story

Tough information to hear after the last 4 months of pain for Dave.  He is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  Very tough to deal with as a family, but as Dave has said since he has been sick..."We are in it to win it"...  God bless the strength of Dave and his entire family.  All of the immediate family from Arizona to South Dakota will be together this weekend before Tuesdays Surgery!!!  Hope is a powerful tool and prayer is even better in our world.  Please bring both to the table for us as we will fight this with all of you help.

Latest Journal Update

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for all you have did for our family the last 3 weeks. It has only been 3 weeks since we had to say goodbye to the heart of this family, and we miss him so much. David was the one who taught us all how to be strong, fight this battle, be "in it to win it, one day at a time", it's ok to cry and give hugs to each other, and how to say our last good bye. All while he was fighting the battle of his life. He was always thinking of us and making sure we would be ok, what a great guy!

I plan on closing out this page in 2 weeks and making books for the kids of all of David's posts and comments from people. If you wish to add a comment to be put in their book...words of encouragement, stories of David, bible verses or anything from the heart please do it now so it will be included.

Thanks again

And I'm still

In It To Win It,

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Sandy Hinz
By Sandy Hinz
A true inspiration!!
Loran & Pam Mogensen Family
By Love - Then , Now and Forever - Pam, Loran, Casey and Mandy
Jackie, I think of Dave, you and your family daily! It was a privilege and honor to have worked with him and most of all to have him call me friend! From day 1 he showed me (in work and life) that we must always respect and honor those who are the backbone of this world...whether they are the janitor, the grocery cart boy/girl or the bus boy/girl, etc...everyone deserves to be highly respected; and he always did just that! He was always paying it forward! I have always looked up to Dave! He was a great, great, man and his legacy will live on forever!
Jean J
By Jean Juelich
Good plan to preserve all his journals for generations to come. Are you also going to provide them with directions to do the Dave hand rub? Love ya all and our prayers are with all of you.
edward leach
By Ed — last edited
I knew from the minute I met Dave close to 15 years ago that he was a good, good man. And right to the very end, he never proved me wrong. So, it came as no surprise, when the opportunity finally presented itself to meet them, that he had a great family as well. Dave will be sorely missed, and I wish nothing but the best for the wonderful family he leaves behind.
George Chavez
By George
David was a true Warrior in every sense of the word. I was fortunate enough to be a part of "Kicking Cancer with Class" a walk from the old ALHS to the new one. I was joined by classmates from the Class of 82, many who like David and his family, were close to someone battling cancer. David and his family did the walk with us and I am honored to have had the chance to walk with David, Jackie and his family. The loss of any family member is devastating, but David's spirit will live in many of us! My heartfelt prayers go out to all of you......
Cheri Jessup
By Cheri
To the Jeffrey family,
I only knew Dave for a short time, however he gave a lifetime with each encounter. His strength and courage during the most difficult situation ANYONE could face is something I will always remember, and hopefully is something I can call on if I ever have to face similar circumstances. Your entire family has also demonstrated the most amazing love and support. What a beautiful legacy he has in you all! <3
J Peacock
To Jackie, David Jr., Michelle, and Amy...

I know you had the most wonderful husband and father in the whole world. His face would beam with pride when he was with you all, and his love was evident by how he gave of himself to you all and those around him.

I knew him as my brother... and eventhough he was younger than me, he always seemed like my older brother, even from the first. He always watched out for me... and then for me and Carmen. He and your mom stepped in when I needed help to be a mom, and I will treasure that most in the world, that he was there for me when I couldn't be my best. And as my brother... when I think back... we fought like cats and dogs... just ask Grandpa John!! We would frustrate Grandma Olivia to no end back when we were kids, but.. there were many good times too. We would rearrange the furniture or switch our rooms back and forth when we were kids and Grandma and Grandpa were out... and there were non-stop games of Monopoly that would last hours and days during Christmas vacation. I have many memories of your Dad when we were younger... and I promise to share them with you all.

Know you are always in my prayers and thoughts... and that I love you all very much.

Aunt Julie
Deb Hallquist Clark
By Deb Clark Toth
Jackie, I wasn't very close to you or Dave in high school, but since seeing what you both went through the last couple of years, my heart aches for you and your family. You have been strong through all of this, and losing the love of your life. Dave and you were such inspirations to a lot of people. I am a survivor of cervical cancer, so I know the fight. Praying that I stay in remission. To you and the family, my prayers for comfort, healing, and understanding always!
Sherry Martens
By Sherry Martens
David sounded like an amazing man!!! I know he would be very proud of all of you. In it to win it. I love it. He will always be there watching over you guys! Take care!
Judy Cady
Dear Jeffrey Family,
I was a classmate of Dave's. I have followed your journey and have thought of you all througout the past few years. Dave was an amazing man and I feel blessed to have known him. Please know that you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. This is going to be hard for each and everyone of you but lean on one and other when you need to. You have so many people that care. Hang in there to each and everyone of you.