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Three Weeks Minus a Day

Tomorrow will be three weeks since the surgery and I've got only one complaint. One of my meds has an apparent side effect for me of a reflexive cough when I talk. We'll need to work through that since you all know I ain't shutting up.

However, the exercise is going extremely well, and my energy levels are improving. Of course, I still can't drive, need to ride in the back seat (no air bags), and take my three-hour mid-day naps, but all those are par for the course. Just part of the normal rehab.

I'm very happy.
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David Houston
By David Houston
Hi Dave,

Just catching up on your posts. Good to hear that your recovery is going well. I guess expecting that it would be quieter when you return was a little too much to hope for. :->

Best wishes on your continued recovery.

Jeanne Cavelos
By Jeanne Cavelos
Glad to hear you are recovering on schedule!