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Day 11

I'm sleeping much better now that I can lie on my side. Yay!

I continue to progress way ahead of schedule in terms of Exercise/Walking, but at the same time am spending a lot of time with my palm under my chin, elbow propped on the table, so I can hold my head up. Energy levels all over the place. Last time I sat down to the computer, I got comfortable, stretched my head back, and before hitting a single key, fell asleep for over an hour.

I was on significant fluid restrictions to get rid of all the surgery-related extra fluid in my body (something like 25 pounds, believe it or not), but I've lost all that weight and then some so I'm off those meds now.

Had my first post-surgery sneeze today. Hope the next one is a long time from now.

Overall, things are going very well.  Thanks again for your support!