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One week, post op

All things considered, I'm doing great.  In terms of how much I can walk, I'm way ahead of schedule, which isn't surprising since I'd been running before the cardiologist's surprising phone call. And I can still crack a joke or two, so I appear to have all the marbles that I had pre-surgery.

But sleeping is a big problem. Right now, I've given up on that bed thing, and am mostly sleeping in an upright chair.  Also, my energy levels have a LONG way to go. I feel as though every meal I've eaten recently is with my elbow on the table, palm under my chin, holding my head up because I'm too tired to do so otherwise. In fact, that's my current posture as I type one-handed.

My incision is starting to itch and I really, really hate coughing.

But all of this was to be expected. Overall, I feel I'm doing great for just one week out.

Thanks again to all of you for your support.

Time for a nap.  :)


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Karen Palmer
By Karen Palmer
All sounding great, Dave! Here's hoping, and expecting, that your progress will continue to be awesome!
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Lori Fernald
By Lori Fernald
Great news Dave!! Continue to get well!
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Barbara Campbell
By Barbara Campbell
Nap away! You're in great shape and doing so well. Maybe you can cobble something together on a sofa so you can stretch out without being totally flat. Take care!
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