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The end of chemo

Today, we are very excited to announce that David is cancer free and done with chemo.  We will toss the leftover pills in the trash, eat his meal of choice, have some cake and icecream, and give thanks.  We give thanks to the Bridge Builder who has carried us across this long bridge.  In the beginning of the journey, we weren’t sure the bridge would ever end. Kind of like the Golden Gate on a super foggyday.  I wondered if the bridge would hold, worrying like there would be a 7.5 earthquake and we’d end up on the bottom deck of what felt like a double decker bridge. Through this journey, I have been challenged to give thanks to the Bridge Builder no matter what type of bridge I’m crossing, no matter what types of elements may affect it, knowing that He, Jesus, is enough.  If He is all I have, He is what I give thanks for.  And He IS enough.  I pray that my life shows evidence of my stated belief that He is enough. 

To you, our faithful followers and prayer warriors: thankyou.  I wish I could send each and every one of you an old fashioned, snail mail card thanking you personally for your intercession for us. Here I'm thankful for Caring Bridge and Facebook.  Many of you have traveled this journey with us and are unknown to us personally. Thank you.  To our friends who have checked in regularly,thank you.  To our family and friends who have loved us in our valleys, aided us financially, dropped yourself and come to our rescue, thank you.  We could not have endured this trial without you.  As Paul simply states in Philippians 1:2-3 “I thank God in all my remembrance of you.”

This journey isn’t completely over. The end of chemo is a major milestone that we celebrate today. The future holds blood checks and that ever present “history” of cancer.  David will eventually have his port surgically removed.  We will just continue to rejoice and give thanks for each day.  God is always good, and we are always loved. 

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Rodger Oswald
By Rodger Oswald
Dear Steve and Christy: It was an honor to travel this road with you via email and Caring Bridge. David was a great soldier through the entire ordeal and I know he will continue to be a battler. By the way, his family did a great job of battling, as well. Well done and praise the Lord!
Barbara Scroggins
By Barbara
Praising God and celebrating with you!
Melani Brooks
By Melani Brooks
Praising God for David's healing. Congratulations on your endurance David!!! So happy for you and your family. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!
Paula Kuhlman
By Paula Kuhlman
Wonderful news! Praising The Lord for His faithfulness through your trial.
Janice Scott
By Janice Scott
Those pictures of the twins make my day! As soon as this heat wave passes I shall fire up my oven and bake a challah (Biblical traditional bread for thanksgiving offering) and take it to church - I love the designation Bridge Builder!!
Kevin Bell
By Kevin and Carol Bell
Thank you Christie for always and i mean always pointing us to the bridge builder, Almighty God. He IS on the throne and always will be. His covenant with us is our hope. You have always demonstrated that. Thank you and Steve for leading many across the bridge, holding the hand of God. Praise His name forever!!!
Kristie Hixson-Adams
By Kristie Hixson-Adams
So pleased to read this! What a blessing. You all have been a blessing in your faith. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. Glory to our Heavenly Father!
James .
By James Hopkins.
AWESOME!!! I am in awe of how strong our children are. They have endured 1000's of "medications" and finger pokes. Countless times their ports were accessed (I say countless, but I know we counted every one as I know you have as well).

Our prayers do not and will not end. To David I say I am so proud of you.

As I sit here I hear the song, "To God be the Glory... with his POWER he has raised me..."

On behalf of Danny,