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David’s Story

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On 8/1/09 David was involved in a skydiving accident that left him a quadriplegric. While making a tandem skydive with a student both parachutes malfunctioned. Before they struck the ground he positioned his body under the student's to brace her fall. The force of the impact broke several bones in David's neck. The student suffered several injuries but was later able to return to work.

David began skydiving in 2003. He received his A,B,C, and D license as well as his coach's and tandem rating. By the time of his accident in 2009, he had over 800 jumps. The cause of the accident is unclear. The main parachute malfunctioned causing them to go into a violent spin. Unable to cut away the main parachute David was forced to deploy the reserve parachute which got tangled with the main.

As David and his student approached the ground, he had his student lift her legs so that he could swing his body underneath hers. He did this so that his body would act as a cushion for her upon impact. While his student had some injuries, she was able to walk to the ambulance under her own power. David however had to be life-flighted to Memorial Herman with several life-threatening internal injuries. The most severe injury was that he broke several bones in his neck which left him a quadriplegic.

After the accident David spent 6 months going from ICU to Rehab at TIRR. While rehab has been slow there has been progress. Soon after the accident CBS Evening News came out and did an interview with David and the student he saved.To view the entire story go to

One of David's greatest hurdles is financial . Because of his condition he needs 24 hour care. Along with nursing care there is the cost of medical supplies as well as the overwhelming cost of prescriptions. To help David you can make a donation by going to and enter David's E-Mail

 He would also welcome any thoughts and prayers you would like to share with him. 

In his spare time David enjoys writing on his blog