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A year in review

It has now been over a year since David died and a lot has changed in my life. After his death, I was forced to leave the home David had for ten years and for those who knew him well they know how much stuff I had to go through. It was very difficult to go through boxes and boxes of his life that I was not a part of. I moved to Lexington and bought the car he encouraged me to buy right before his passing. I finally started working again last month and I am trying to move forward in my life. Yesterday was a very hard day for me and I cried more tears yesterday than I have in quite a while. I have to say I still feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to love and be loved by David. He left me with a beautiful, wonderful mother in law who shows me so much love sometimes I feel I don't deserve as much as she gives. He also left me Scott. The brother in law who is not afraid to show me tough love, but is also there to pray for me at a moments notice. For this I am very blessed. Yes I miss David and will never forget him, but I know it is time to get back out there and have fun again. Today they are planting a tree in the arboretum in memory of David. He would be very proud. Mrs. Gabbard and I will take Junior Lee Day to a late lunch so that we can remember our loved one. For all those who have kept up with this journey I want to say thank you.
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Diane Ditto
By Diane Ditto
Thank you for the update Vivian as I've often wondered how you are doing You are still in my daily prayers. Sending you warm and loving hugs!
Carolyn Henderson
By Grandmax4
I am happy to read, you are taking steps to resume your life. David would have wanted it that way, he was such a kind, understanding man. and I know he's watching over you. His family has taken up his stance , never forget him, but, moving on is just natural