It's been 7 months since David's passing and somedays are harder than others. The last two years have been extremely difficult and I sometimes don't understand why God allowed me to go through so much suffering and sadness. I won't pretend that my life is great and I have a lot of passion and joy right now, but God has been working on me intensely recently and I pray good things are coming my way. Even though my path has been very difficult God has blessed me with some great prayer warriors who have prayed and carried me through some very dark hours. I know many don't tell me they are praying but I know they are. Some may think this experience would destroy my faith, but honestly I feel it is increasing it. I feel in my spirit God is going to use what I have been through to strengthen and use me. I just have to stop letting fear and depression hold me back. Please keep praying for me. Brighter days are ahead. I do believe that.

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