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1 year since cancer changed my life

July 26, 2012 was a very difficult day. David was scheduled to remove what was thought to be a bronchial cleft cyst on the right side of his neck. The ENT did not even want to remove it, because he thought it was benign and could cause nerve damage. I could see the fear in David's face when the ENT said it could make him have difficulty smiling. He was also told if he had cancer he would have already been dead since he had the mass since October 2009. I remember being adamant the mass be removed from his neck. I just didn't feel it belonged there. So on July 26th David had the surgery. The ENT came out and took Mrs. Gabbard and I in a room and was telling is how well the surgery went, but I could tell by his body language something wasn't right. So I asked the hard question. "What did the pathologist think at first glance." That is when he told us that David had cancer. He said he couldn't explain it and based on the type of cancer David should not have survived that long. That was the first day I thought I could be losing my husband. The man I loved was very ill and I would stand beside him and help him fight all the way. He fought a good fight. Did not lose his faith and he made me so proud to be his wife. I miss him and I catch myself talking to him and still calling us we from time to time. I am starting to adjust to being a widow. I would be lying if I said it was easy, but I am doing it one day at a time.