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It is quickly approaching 2:24 am, which will mark one month without my best friend and husband. I still miss him everyday, but I know God called him home and he is happy and healthy. Grief is such a hard thing. One minute I can feel ok and even be laughing and another something can make me cry. Every time something new happens I instinctively want to call David and tell him. Every night when I say my prayers I thank God for my time with him, but earnestly tell The Lord I didn't want him to go. I hear his catch phrases everywhere and sometimes they make me smile. No worries was one of his favorites. I miss our nightly hand holding and prayers most of all. Sometimes I can't believe I knew him less than two years, because I miss him so much. I guess I can be thankful that at least for a time I had the most wonderful husband and friend. Some people never get to experience that. I will continue to try to heal as the days and weeks pass, but it is only 8 days until my first anniversary and I won't have a husband to celebrate it with.