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By — Jun 5, 2010 1:04am
I rarely go to services, but I went tonight, and here in Olympia WA. Rabbi Seth Goldstien, just happened in passing to mention the human rights work of a Rabbi David Forman. I asked Rabbi Goldstein afterwards if the Rabbi Forman he was referring to had gone to HUC in Cincy. Indeed he had. Well, some 40 years or so ago David had been my religious school teacher at Rockdale Temple in Cincy. He was really the only teacher that ever helped wipe the dust away from and crack open my Jewish heart, with his humor and genuine presence. I remember him taking us on a field trip - horseback riding. Jews on horses -who'd a thought?! Anyway, I never heard about him again until tonight. Of course I was saddened to hear of his passing, but amazed that somehow he kept his internal light burning all these decades, speaking his mind, working for human rights - staying to the left and true to his beliefs. And then to scroll through and read some of these tributes. Incredible. One person touching so many lives in such a positive way - some, perhaps like myself, who still bob on the waves he left in his wake, though perhaps decades after encountering him. Condolonces to his family and friends. May his work be continued!  PS - David, I am a teacher now, I will try to ride high in the saddle in your memory!