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day 365.

first and foremost...we made it!!!

what a year it has been. I won't dwell too much on the up and downs, but rather start out by reflecting on this day one year ago.

our life turned upside down, all dreams put on hold.

"your husband is very sick."

are the words that resonated throughout my entire body. 

February 19th, 2013 was the morning that changed everything. It was filled agony. It was struck with tragedy. I heard deaths voice. Fear raged within me. I heard the Lord's still small voice. Peace overcame me. 

Thank you, Lord. For the vision. For the real hope. Thank you for your grace and mercy that You have given to us in the midst of uncertainty. It is so sweet to trust in You, just to take You at Your Word. We forever love You and we are bound for life to Your ways and to Your heart.

I remember dreaming of this day. The year anniversary where I would be sharing the story of tragedy, this time with Dave by my side. I will also be spending today in Bronson ER, where I recently started working, where Dave was taken for a passing moment before he was admitted in the Trauma Care Unit (TCU). I would of never expected to be working in the very place that my husband was taken a year after his accident. Walking pass those trauma rooms has a whole new look to me...

As Dave continues to run the race hard, he continues to improve. I am so proud of him. He is inspiring, hard-working, and he is my hero. A man of courage, love, and self-discipline. He has met death face to face and continues to fight from glory to glory. He continues to be authentic and vulnerable letting the Lord do what he may and Dave continues to obey.

There is hardly a day that goes by that is not difficult in some way for Dave spiritually, mentally, or physically, but we are both still learning to lean on our Beloved. To lean on God and to really place our trust in him. He is glorified when we are most weak. 

This week Dave and I were talking about what he was like pre-accident and what are some things that he enjoys doing now. Dave looked at me straight in the eyes and with full confidence said that he feels more alive now more than he ever did! When everything seems to be shaken, Jesus is still our greatest reward. 

And now on February 19th, 2014 we stand unoffended, we stand firm in who the Lord is and what He wants to do. We are not shaken by tragedy, we are just beginning to be refined by the fire. 

How sweet it is to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word.

Continued prayers as we take life day by day. Please pray for Dave's continued healing, vision to be restored, and supernatural energy! Please pray for the logistical side of things as well, for insurance to cooperate with our needs and medical bills. Thank you! You guys are the best! Prayers continue to be answered. We will continue to update when we can on this blog.

All is For His Glory,
Marissa and Dave