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Dave’s Story

Hello Family and Friends,

 We've created this page to keep you updated and for specific prayer requests about our beloved, Dave. We appreciate your love, prayers and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." We believe that the Lord is turning hearts towards him during this time. Please don't stop praying! 

Latest Journal Update


Hello All,

I do still update because we are learning that TBI is a lifelong process. So if you are still with us, here is the latest news...

Dave is doing so well! I will say it over and over again, he is a miracle!

He should of never lived, but he did.
He should of never walked, but he does.
He should of never talked, but he tells jokes on the daily.
He should of never smiled again, but he laughs and smiles all the time.
He is alive, well and still improving.

We have been on a 2.5 year eye journey and Dave will be getting his first eye surgery THIS Friday! The time has come after 6 different eye professionals (neuro-opthamologist, optometrist, retina specialist, etc.), and a ton of appointments, lots of waiting and praying, Friday will be the day. 

Dave's eye injury is complex, detailed, and very unique. It is not acuity we are talking about's perception.
Visual perception is one of the top 3 visual changes that someone can experience after a brain injury

I could write a whole entire blog on visual processing, but I will save that for later.

Back to the surgery. The surgeon will be basically aligning his right eye back to its normal alignment. Snipping a few tiny eye muscles and reconnecting them to get the eye to stay straight. This will allow the 'finger counting' peripheral vision that he does have, to become more functional. That is the goal of this surgery. 

Here is where you all come in-
Would you join us in prayer?
Would you pray for Dave that the surgery has no side effects? That he doesn't get double vision after surgery. 
That there will be NO complications before, during or after surgery. More specifically, no more seizures.
Please pray for Julie and myself. That we are given grace and peace as we wait for Dave to come out of surgery. 
Pray for healing- that Dave would experience an abundance of healing not only for his eyes, but also brain. 

Thanks for enduring with us.

I will update again soon!


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joe hanish
By Grandma and Grandpa Hanish
We lift up our thoughts and prayers for the both of you. Your faith, hope and love have been driving forces in his continued healing. We are with you in spirit.
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Karen Morehouse
By Karen Morehouse
Thanks for the update and specific prayer requests. Scott and I are praying!
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Linda Dahnke
You, most definitely, continue to be in my prayers. Praying especially for Friday and for both of you to have peace that passes all understanding. Praying for a great night's sleep for the medical team and steady hands. Praying that there are no surprises during the surgery and praying that the healing and recovery is not eventful and there will be NO complications. God has taken you both so far. I am still waiting for you to start writing that book. Love you both!
Julie Hermenitt
By Julie Hermenitt
Jaimie Kight
By Jaimie Kight
Lifting up Dave! In full faith in God's healing for him. And praying peace that passes all understanding over you Mar. Hugs and love my sister!!
Sue Hoeksema
By Sue Hoeksema
Will be praying for precision and divine guidance for the surgeon, for the surgery to be a total success, for no complications or side effects, and for the peace that passes human understanding to blanket you and Julie as you wait.
Nell and Bill Dykhuis
By Nell and Bill Dykhuis
We will pray for healing, for peace and strength for everyone involved and give thanks for the many skilled professionals involved.
Guila Harrison
By Guila Harrison
Hello! I am Senika's Mom. Just prayed specifically for all that is on your heart and mind. You and Dave have been in our prayers and thoughts these years. I know that you know that the Lord is the great I AM and is with you and hears all of our prayers.
Rose Lybrink
By Rose Lybrink
I will be praying praising the Lord with you so wonderful to hear of all the blessings God is doing in your lives!
Linda Soehl
By Linda Soehl
Always. God is great and gracious and loving and strong and trustworthy. We pray for you and Dave--always.
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