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Thank you Penny Pinching Polly and Vendors and Bidders!

A special Thank
you to Penny Pinching Polly and all of the Winning Bidders and Vendors that donated items help our
family.  We will be forever grateful for
your generosity.  They monies you have
raised already helped us pay for our utilities and it allowed me to put gas in
my car allowing me to pick up our children from school and bring them up to
visit Darryl.  It helps him to be able to
see them after a hard day of therapy.

 This is what one of his days look like:

Occupational Therapy- This therapist help him to be self sufficient by getting
dressed and brushing his teeth and washing his face.

Tube feeding and medicine

Speech Therapy- The therapist work with him so that he will be able to
communicate whether it is him writing or touching the alphabet or trying to get
him to speak. They also work with him to make sure that he is able to understand
language such as reading and comprehension. This also will help him get his
mouth moving so that he is moving his tongue, mouth and jaw so that he will be
able to swallow.

Physical Therapy- This therapist works with him to get his right leg to move
and regain functionality. They would like him to be able to walk on his own
when he goes home and he is surely trying his best, but to be safe I feel that
he may have to walk with a walker for short distances and will need to have a
wheelchair for long distances.  He is
doing really well but his balance also needs to be worked on along with his
depth perception.

11:00-12:30 Tube feeding and medicine and catheterization if needed


Occupational Therapy- This session will be to help him with his dexterity.  They will do activities that will have him
move his right hand and fingers.  Such as
flip over a small cylinder that is about 1 inch in height that is colored with
half orange and half yellow. (This will help turn on lamps and light switches)  They also have him try to screw and unscrew
nuts and bolts. (This helps with toothpaste caps)

Speech Therapy- The therapist will still work on the same things as earlier but
may also add taking in small sips of water called the Fraizer Water Protocol to
help him with swallowing.

Physical Therapy- This therapist works with him to get his right arm to move
and regain functionality. They like him to lift or grab items along with trying
to ride the hand bike. 

Some days
the times of his therapy sessions will change and at some points when they are
after I pick up the kids, Damien gets to join in the fun of the therapy and
they have him help Darryl reach for the items they even have Damien play corn hole
with Darryl.  It is such a wonderful site
to see. I will have to get a video the next time we are able to get them to play

Here is a
picture of them relaxing after one of their Physical Therapy sessions in which
they allowed Damien to “Put Darryl to work.” They had Damien hold on to small
cones and put them up and down and from the left and right and Darryl had to
bend and reach for them.  They also got
to play kick ball.  This session wore
both of them out.