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Occupational Therapy session.

Update: Darryl has been doing very good in Physical therapy they are trying to get him to walk with out the walker at this time. He does very well but there are some hang ups with his right leg shuffle is weak and naturally he gets tired quickly. When he starts to get tired he tends to start to go backward and when he does he just cant get his balance so that is something he needs to work on. For Occupational therapy they have got him to put on his shirt and pants and brush his teeth and wash his face. He is also learning how to fine tune the motor skills in right hand since he is not able to grasp properly. I will be post a video shortly. In his Speech therapy we are awaiting a consult with an ENT. Just to be sure there is no damage to the vocal cords since just after the 3rd stroke he was able to speak a little but now not even a little vocalization. He is how ever able to communicate through writing on a white board and using an alphabet communication board. My sister Nettie has also let me borrow her iPad and we have downloaded apps to help with his communication. He is still having bladder spasms but they seem to come and go. He has also lost a lot of weight but they are monitoring it and are seeing some weight gain. At this point we are getting weekly progress reports that will tell us how soon until he can come home. At this point we are hopeful it will be soon, but I want him to be able to be safe when he is there and if him being him here longer does that I am happy to keep him here until we all feel he is ready.  here is the link to the video