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Update March 2nd

Update: Friends and Family: I just want everyone to know that from the photos and videos that I post it looks as if he is almost ready to go home. However this is not the case if you were to see him in person it is a different story. 
He can not speak, nor swallow to eat nor drink. He is on tube feedings so they have a tube going into his stomach in which they have a protein drink pushed into it now every breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is also how he is getting his water as he can not even have ice chips or water in fear that it will go down his wind pipe. Some people may not know that is hard as the brain is the biggest component when you feel hungry or not. I know since I had my gastric surgery when I feel full in the stomach my brain says eat more. With him it is the same because he is used to eating and including the taste and feel and smell whle you eat and he does not get that sensation so it is really bothering him. 
He is also having issue with bladder and bowel functions and are on numerous medications and procedures to get those functions working again.
His right arm is still very weak he is able to lift it but since they had inserted his defibrillator/pacemaker in the upper right chest area that is limiting what he can do in rehab not to mention being sore from the hematoma.
I am so grateful that his brain was not that affected by the stroke he is still there. He has been to speech therapy and they were able to go over some word recognition test and he is able to read and he is able to listen to commands and even process the request. It is not always as quick as you or I would be but it is very encouraging. It could have been much worse and at the time it seemed like it but they had him too drugged up to function fully.
I want everyone to know he is really pushing himself to walk and be able to move freely on his own but the rest of the issues are what is really getting him down. Being able to communicate has to be the hardest part for him not being able to tell us what he wants to do or needs. 
I want everyone to know I am so grateful for your prayers and help during our months of need and I will continue to keep you updated. My sister is having a benefit for my family to help with hospital bills and household bills that we have fallen behind on and if you would like to come and help out it is going to be on May 24th from 5-2:30 am at The Venue 4725 Woodville Rd Ste 8, Northwood, Ohio 43619. There is going to be a reverse raffle, a silent auction, 50/50 drawings, taco dinners and also there will be entertainment. She was able to acquire Shenanigans Photos, a live DJ from 5pm-8pm, Comedic talents from Dick Pretzel and Terry Rook Jr. from 8pm-10pm and then Caught in the Boogie will rock the rest of the night out till bar close. There will be a reverse raffle, 50/50 raffles, Taco dinners for sale, Jello shots. Children are welcome from 5pm-8pm after that it is adult only.