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Darryl’s Story

My name is Vicki Fullwood, and this is the story of my husband Darryl Fullwood's Medical Journey. Darryl  45yrs old and is the father of 3 children: Marina 22, Victoria 12 and Damien 6. He is also the proud Grandpa to Leah Marie who just turned one. He is currently a patient at the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC). His first stroke was the end of Nov. 2012 and was sent home after 3 days. The course we have taken has been long and tedious and at times very life threatening. If you have any suggestions, medical information, or words of encouragement please feel free to post it for me.

November 28, 2012
Today, We woke up like any other normal day Darryl headed downstairs first and then Damien and them I went downstairs. I say Darryl laying on the floor he said he was trying to play hide and seek with Damien. the more I talked to him the more I heard the slur in his speech and seen the droop on the left side of his face. He kept saying he was okay and he was getting up but he couldnt move the left side of his body. His arm nor leg would move I called 911 and they got there within 5 minutes. They rushed him to UTMC and within 45 minutes he was able to move his arm and leg and his face and speech was also back to normal. They did a ct and a chest xray and said that he has a blood clot in his brain and he is also in congestive heart failure...during all this they only thing he was worried about is if I called his work to tell them he would be in today.
November 29, 2012 
Well friends and family.. I am so blessed to be ble to tell you that the heart cath showed no blockages anywhere. That he is doing great with the lasic and that has now cleared up the fluid around his heart and that what we will be dealing with is so much better than what could have happened. His heart is a bit weakened but they say that with a medicine regimine and exercise andquiting smoking and drinking and eathing healthy he may be able to strengthen his heart. As for the blood clot they are not to worried about it because it is still there but it is miniscule now from the heparin and he is showing good bloodflow. Every day will be a blessing from God knowing that He could have taken away the man that I love but instead He gave us a wake up call to make sure we live our lives to the fullest but making us remember how fragile it can be. Thank you for all the prayers and love that went out to me and my family. I love you all.
November 30, 2012 
Darryl has been moved from ICU to the Stepdown unit. The talk is possibly going home tomorrow depending on he tolerates the meds. Again thank you everyone for your prayers.

Latest Journal Update


Update: Darryl was able to pass his swallow test today! He is able to eat mechanically chopped foods!! He had a great dinner of Roast Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots and cottage cheese also for deserts he had pears and also strawberry short cake and he ate a little bit of every thing.
We are on our way!!! Next goal: Talking!!!