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Darrell’s Story

I’ve been blessed with not getting sick as most people do in the world throughout my lifetime. That’s right not even a common cold. My mother,Brenda, God bless her soul, is now a resident of Ambler Extended Care Nursing Home would tell me...

... "Darrell,you may not get sick now but when you do, it's going to be big." I use to just grin as wide as the neck of the Mississippi at her and say, "Yeah mom you're just jealous." Today, I must admit momma was right!   

I was injured while at work from falling off a very high ladder. Afterbeing rushed to the Abington Memorial Hospital, I discovered that among other complications I had a mysterious mass located within the right -centralized region of my brain. The news was unbelievable to me because as I said I never have been sick in my life that has ever meant anything. I enshrouded myself in immediate denial and total disbelief of the news and acted as if itwere not told to me. Moreover, I did not trust the Doctors, the nursing staffand anyone else who wanted to provide me with medical attention and treatment.Later, as part of required follow-up emergency treatment, I had to get an MRI of my brain for further evaluative studies and confirmation. The outcome of thetest revealed a more defined image of the mass and of its location within mybrain. The mass was classified as cancerous tumor located next to my right common carotid artery, below my optic nerve, near the circle of Willis by my pituitary gland. Though I still remained in disbelief and felt that God or the medical practitioners made gross errors and or medical judgement, because this does not nor could not happen in my private universe. So after my resistance of denial and isolation, my anger, my bargaining with God, my deep depression and self pity, I began to accept what I could not change. It was at that point I surrendered to the fact that I had to do whatwas requested of me by my prescribed medical specialists. I was told thatI need to take an MagneticResonance Angiography (MRA), which happened to be a very expensiveprocedure that I could not afford in the absence of medical insurance.Thankfully, my Workman's Compensation attorney believed enough in my case to provide me with a letter of protection that covered the upfront costs of theexam. MRA findings revealed a spectacular image of what had already been expressed to me as being true. Currently, I have been out of work approaching ayear and one half. I receive no Unemployment, No Workman's Compensation, and no Social Security. It has been through sincere prayers and help from friends andfamily that has kept me alive to this point. I am sharing my story to raise support and financial donations to help pay for my brain treatment. I have two glorious young children that are concerned about me and what will happen. I find myself reflecting on their future and what it may hold in my absence. i never had to think about the astronomical costs associated with medical treatments before as I have never had a reason to having never been ill before. Inow have been trying to gather information about brain treatment and proceduresto improve my condition. Any financial support will be honored and truly appreciated,.God Bless you all.