Dan’s Story

Dan was involved in a motor vehicle accident on June 26th.

Dan's accident happened on County Road 9 heading South coming from Winsted. Dan went off the road and hit a cement culvert and the vehicle rolled end over end approximately six times. Dan was found ejected from the vehicle. EMTs had to rescusitate Dan and he was taken to Waconia Hospital and then airlifted by helicopter to HCMC.

Dan is in a medically-induced coma to help with his recovery.  His lungs are bruised and punctured.  He is breathing with the help of a respirator.  Dan has had bleeding and pressure on his brain.  We are unsure if any injury has occured to his brain at this time.

Dan's right collarbone is broken and his left wrist/hand has a deep cut that is being monitored.  Dan has some additional scrapes and bruises throughout his body.

Latest Journal Update

5 years ago today was Dans accident

5 years ago today our lives changed forever! 

Never thought I would be telling you all how good he is doing. Dan is engaged, has a little boy Luke that is a year old and is working full time.

Thank you all for you prayers.... THEY WORKED 

Never give up!!