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A lot has happened since last I updated. Dan has been jaundiced for the last two weeks. When she saw him on Tuesday, his home health nurse told him he should contact Dr. Doll because he was so yellow. The labs drawn that day continue to show elevated bilirubin counts. We also learned that the MRI of his spine from a week ago indicated more nodes in his lungs than before, although the PET scan next Tuesday, Sept. 13, will show more clearly what's going on.

Right now it seems the chemo isn't working, and Doll says the treatment Mayo has offered won't either because his tumors are not localized just to the liver. So we'll be talking to someone next week about palliative care. Dan is already in some pain, which we are trying to manage. Nights are difficult.

Please keep Dan in your prayers. Please keep our children in your prayers, as well as his parents, who are having their own health issues. And keep the rest of his family in mind as well. The road ahead will be difficult.