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Dan got blood drawn for labs and saw Dr. Doll on Tuesday, Aug. 23, to see if he could tolerate chemo on Wednesday. His labs showed his liver enzymes were up, so he was given Cisplatin but not Taxotere yesterday. The pain in his back returned on Tuesday, so Doll scheduled him for an MRI on Sept. 1. The insurance balked at the MRI earlier, requesting an x-ray instead. Because the pain has recurred, we're hoping the insurance will allow it this time.

When Dan went in today for his neulasta shot (it stimulates the body to make white blood cells), they drew labs again. This evening, one of the oncology nurses called to say that while his liver enzymes has come down a little, his bilirubin count has steadily gone up. So we're watching him for signs of sleepiness and cognitive mistakes, but he's doing just fine. He's scheduled for another lab draw on Monday.

Also in the works is a PET scan on Sept. 13, and a tentative chemo treatment on Sept. 14.

Dr. Block, Dan's oncologist from the Mayo Clinic, called this week. He discussed Dan's case with colleagues, and he said radioembolization of the liver might be helpful. He said Dan should finish the current chemo treatment and get a PET scan. A significant shrinkage of the tumors in the liver is desirable for the treatment.

That's the latest. We appreciate your continued support. Thank you.