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Dan saw Dr. Doll yesterday. It was great to see him, and we made the right decision to go back to him. He moved to Florida in 2009 but moved back a couple of months ago. He is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, and he made us feel like we are in good hands.

For the first time, the insurance company balked at a test requested by a doctor. Dan was scheduled for an MRI of his spine last week, but the insurance company said a plain film x-ray would be sufficient. We found out yesterday that the x-ray showed no cancer in his spine. That's good news.

The new chemo knocked Dan out for about a week, but he felt well enough to direct the packing of a Penske truck on Saturday as we moved Emily home from Springfield. And he had a great visit with Eric Love on Sunday. This week is a combination of appointments and getting ready for new teaching assistants and students in the shop.

The next chemo is Thursday, Aug. 25.

Your support is invaluable to us. Thank you.