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Dan consulted with Dr. Block, his oncologist at Mayo, by phone yesterday. Block agreed with Dan's hometown docs that the chemo he is undergoing it a reasonable treatment at this time. He also said this new chemo is harsher than the other, so the side effects he's having are par for the course. As Dan put it, "This chemo is not for pussies." Ahem.

Block's chief concern is the liver. Compared with the January 2011 scan, the July 2011 scan shows more lesions (tumors) in different places, and the spot on the lung is a concern. Having gotten Dan's permission, Block will pass on the scans and the particulars of Dan's case to other docs at Mayo to consider such treatments as ablation, intensity modulated proton beam radiation (sounds cool, huh?), and embolization of the liver.

The current chemo treatment goes to the beginning of October or through the end of October, depending on whether he completes three or four cycles. Then a trip to Mayo in November may be in the cards.

We're adjusting to the effects of this chemo. Dan is physically in a different place each time he undergoes treatment, and it takes some time to get used to how each particular drug affects him. He has been taking fewer opiate-based pain meds the last two days, which is definitely good. And he was able to enjoy a great visit with sister Susy and her family. Thank you for the great meal and laughter, Scott family.

Your continued support is invaluable to us as we navigate these choppy waters. As a very good friend advised, "Just keep swimming!" With your help, we will.