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Danny’s Story

Danny woke up on June 27th, 2012 with a strong pain in his lower right abdomen … strong enough that he was taken straight to the ER. At first, we thought it was appendicitis (not the case). Blood tests showed elevated white cell counts and low platelets; subsequent tests had his primary physician talking to pediatric oncologists in Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. Less than 12 hours after he said his side hurt, we were checking into the Columbia Children's hospital. 


The diagnosis is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and - because of his age and various other factors - the treatement has been an intense combination of chemotheraphy and direct-brain radiation.  Over the past 26 months, Danny has been hospitalized 7 times, almost died 4 times, experienced blood clots in his heart and lungs, and undergone four major surgeries to (successfully) save his leg after an infection. The entire program cost well over $2 million.

Latest Journal Update


Dozens of surgeries. Four near-death events. Pulmonary embolism. Radiation. Endless pills, injections, missed birthdays, and constant pain. Two years, two months, and one day after his initial diagnosis in 2012 ... and we're DONE. We killed the cancer, fought through hell, and removed his chemo port this afternoon. He is now, officially, a normal boy.

Now, after every war, comes the rebuilding. Thank you, everyone, who carried us to this point. We love you all!
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Brooke Branch
By Brooke Branch
I couldn't think of better news!!! Go Danny!!!! :)
kelli novotny
By kelli novotny
Much love to you all. Danny is a fighter!!! XO
Susan Schoen
By Susan Schoen
Hooray. Only good things for all from now on.
tina grossman
By tina grossman
How wonderful!
esther fallon
By esther fallon
We're so Happy for you all!!!
Celebrate ,celebrate ,celebrate !!!
Patti Goldstein
By Patti & Mark Goldstein
Wow! What terrific news! So profoundly happy for all of you!
Janet Bardsley
By Janet Bardsley
Great to hear the good news. We will continue to keep all of you as Danny works to build up his strength and endurance.
monica baum
By monica baum
Congrats. So happy for all of you!!!