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Danny’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about our loved one.

This is a Story about Danny Betz our awesome, son, brother, nephew and friend.

He was badly burned lighting a campfire for a Family Party Saturday June 21st.

He just turned 15 and was suppose to start driving school today as a matter of fact.

Here are the facts to the best of my knowledge. Danny was making a fire for the kids to roast marshmallows. He is skilled at this and was following protocol. He was using white gas or, ‘girl scout juice’ as I have heard the Betz boys call it. For whatever reasons, it blew back up into his face. He has 15% of his upper body burnt including his ears, neck, chest, face etc.

The kids hollered that Danny was burnt. He was screaming ‘make it stop, get me help.’ David yelled to get the van keys. I felt we needed 911. Danny yelled ‘no, it’ll take too long.’ I was nervous and hung up on the 911 dispatcher. David was moving rapidly but the Holy spirit gave me the foresight to yell for the homeopathic remedies and burn solution to get to Danny; we threw it in the van and David drove away. We were expecting 50 people for our family reunion and I didn’t even think to get into the van. I called 911 right back and told them I felt Danny needed more care than the urgent care clinic that my husband was heading to in Issaquah. I asked them if they would intercept our van and take him where ever was best. We picked a meeting point and I was able to get a hold of David. As I was doing this the rest of the family was on their knees praying the rosary and asking God to give me a clear head to make the right choices. Tony drove me to meet up with David’s van and we both drove to Harborview together…trusting everything would work out at home.

We prayed and asked God to bless the medical people and bless our efforts to do all we could to make good choices with our words and our time. We started calling for help and prayers. Thank you to each of you for your efforts to get help to us and to contact a priest and the Stevenson’s. I was met in the hospital lobby by Dan Stevenson and Fr. Rob – this brought me peace and direction. Fr. Rob ( we met him almost 20 years ago when he was a deacon; what a reunion this was.) prayed with us and blessed Danny. At that point Danny was not allowed to be anointed due to risk of infection and his open wounds. By the time Fr. Rob was ready to leave Fr. Maurice arrived and again, prayed with us and offered encouragement and the promise of many prayers from our parish. At a time when one feels they can do nothing; the comfort of friends, especially priests, nearby brings awesome consolation and peace. Thank you.