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From Robin:

It’s been many weeks since the burn accident. Danny, and we, as a family have been through many trials and joys…some of us more than others. We’ve each moved through the aftermath of the accident in many different ways and I think we are all growing closer to God and to each other because of it. Several people farther removed from our family have also shared personal growth from this experience, a great thing. As hard as this has been to recover from, I have felt a continued peace that we have ALL, including most of YOU, done everything that God would expect, therefore I have felt a strong sense that all will turn out for the best. This is not to say that I have not had some pretty draining days, but amidst these times I have truly felt the tug to pray, to step back and to count my blessings. I have worked towards this ability all of my life, so I thank God for this opportunity to finally begin to master it. (Watch what you pray for right!) Additionally, I’ll walk to my freezer and realize I have a meal saved in there from one of you for a day just such as this to make my life a little easier. This realization then starts a myriad of reminders of how cared for we are ultimately by God, but through each one of you. I am reminded often of the many generous acts of kindness that has been showered upon us.

Danny’s camp experience was a huge success. He was gone for an entire week filled with fun activities, good food and dedicated people. The main goal of the camp was to show all of these victims of serious burn injuries a ‘fun’ time to make up for the lost time, and to bond with other kids (and adult burn victims who are also counselors) having gone through burn accidents. He plans to return next year.

We also want to share the news of our baby, Esther. God gave to us a child - gifted this baby to us to love and to carry for a short time here on earth. August 4th will be a day we remember as the small miraculous creation passed from my womb for us to hold and to look at in amazement. As the sun rose that day and its rays shone onto the tiny miracle, May Grace included, looked in awe at the tiny formation we named Esther, her younger sibling. We cherished the moments to just be – something we were not as fortunate to have when losing Seth. Again, we have so much to be humbly thank God for. Esther was buried in a Catholic cemetery in Seattle on 8/13.

St. Esther and St. Seth bring our prayers and petitions to Jesus.

From Danny:

Thanks again everyone for all the prayers and support. I am continuing to recover and I am almost back to normal. I went back packing last week and had a great time with my dad, my uncle, and my brothers. I am also playing soccer this fall and have started practicing with my team. My only issues have been intense itchiness and blisters as the new skin heals. I protect the new skin by staying out of the sun and using lots of sun block.