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One Year Ago

Hi again everyone,
                         Well its been one year ago tonight since we got the horrible/frightening call from Jesse on that Thanksgiving night, that he and Dani had been in a head on car accident in Alexandria. As i sit here writing this tonight i can still remember exactly what i was doing when the call came, its news like that i guess that sticks in ones mind.
                        We are so proud of Dani and Jesse how well they have recovered from their injuries, they both still have aches and pains, and probably never get to do certain things that they had done in the past but they are up walking and that's all that really matters, the outcome could have been so much worse.
                        Jesse and Dani were married on August 31st, which was a very beautiful wedding just as they had planned. Nothing was going to stop Dani from walking down the isle and she was a beautiful and gorgeous bride, just as i had imagined she would be. It was such an emotional but fun day for us all. We are so happy to have Dani as our daughter-in-law.
                        Dani went back to work in October part-time, she is working 2 hours, 4 days a week at the salon, she was really glad to get back and she has also been doing some updates in their house and enjoying their addition of Sophie, their little dog. She has brought them both a lot of joy. Jesse continues to be busy at work and both he and Dani have been going to the YMCA for exercising which is good therapy for the both of them. They are planning their honeymoon  for this winter so it will be a nice get-away and relaxing time for them.
                       We know that Jesse and Dani were able to get thru this last year with all of your prayers, love and support. We can not thank you all enough for that., so as we close this chapter in our lives, we ask that everyone remember to appreciate and be thankful to the people you have in your life, and try not to worry about the little things that do not matter. We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!    Darrell and Naomi