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Monday, July 1st

Hi everyone, its hard to believe that July is now upon us and once the 4th comes  it seems that summer goes very fast, of course this year was a very late start to summer. Hope everyone is enjoying the warm sunshine we have been having the last few days. Sorry for not updating as much anymore but things have been quite stable for Dani and Jesse. Jesse did have his follow-up appointment with Dr. Nelson today, after his last surgery on his leg which is 3 weeks ago., he said that Dr. Nelson was quite pleased with the progress, and Jesse said that his pain has improved. He still uses the machine at home that helps with the range of motion and now he can start going to Physical Therapy again 2 times per week for another month or so. We were so lucky to have Jesse and Dani spend some time with us at the lake this past week-end, its so nice seeing them walk around even with their limps. Jesse is not using his crutch much anymore. Dani continues with her therapies also and i got to watch her cut with a scissors and do some writing with her right hand again, so that was wonderful to see again. Its all good progress for them both and we are so very happy for them, its been a long 7 months for them but they both have come so far. Hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July. Thanks again everyone for your love and support.  Naomi