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Jesse's Surgery

I am so glad that Kris updated on Dani's appointment in St. Cloud this past Friday and i can update a bit more on Jesse's surgery, on his leg this past Friday also. He was able to have the surgery as an out patient at the Alexandria Surgery Center.  Dr. Nelson told us that he had alot of scar tissue and inflammation which was giving him alot of pain and decreased mobility in his leg. During surgery which took alot longer than they had anticipated and having him sedated., Dr. Nelson  was able to move his leg to 120 degrees, i know Jesse was hoping to have it better than that, but with the help of a machine that he has at home will  help him with the range of motion, and hopefully it will get better. He is to use the machine as much as possible, he is having a hard time with it right now because he has a tight bandage on from surgery yet but that will come off tomorrow. He really has no other limitations from the surgery and should be able to get back to work soon, he is not having alot of pain but says that it feels sore. Not sure how many people are still looking at this site, but we will continue to update if things change, right now we just want Dani and Jesse to continue to move forward in the right direction.  Naomi