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Hi everyone, its been a long time since anything was posted on this site. All has recently been stable with Jesse and Dani, but today Jesse went back to see his surgeon., Dr. Nelson and because Jesse continues to have alot of pain in his leg and he is at the point where Physical Therapy is not doing anymore for him right now, that more surgery on his leg is needed. Dr. Nelson feels that he needs to go in with a scope and try to remove some of the scar tissue that has developed since the injury, and he is hopeful that by the time the wedding comes that he will have recuperated from this surgery, not what we really wanted to hear but if that is going to help lessen his pain and make him be more mobile then thats what is needed. I know Dani has an upcoming appointment in St. Cloud to check her progress so we can update more on that later. We hope and pray that they both will be able to put this all in the past and move on with their future and lifetime together. Jesse will have his surgery next friday and at this point is not sure if it will be an in or outpatient. Thanks again to all of you for your love and support.  Naomi