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Sunday, April 14th

Even though its mid April, it certainly did not feel like it today. Hope everyone stayed safe and warm today.  With the way the weather has been, it can only get better. Jesse continues to do his therapy and goes to the YMCA as much as he can, he tells me that he even shot some free throws the other day but said it did not go very well. He continues to have alot of pain in his leg and will see Dr. Nelson in a few weeks to determine if more surgery will be needed. He wears the knee device also and then can get by without the use of a crutch. He is working 30 hrs. a week now and in a couple of weeks will hopefully be able to increase it to a full 40 hrs. Dani continues with her therapies, both at home and the hospital, she says that her right arm/hand are getting some better so we are very thankful for that. She has even driven a few times when the weather was nicer, so that was another milestone that she has reached, and we are so grateful for them. Like the saying goes, take one day at a time. Thanks all for you continued prayers and support.   Naomi